Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I promised some better pics of Nefera's shoes and I wanted to make sure I did. (Granted yes technically I didn't post about them on Tuesday like I planned, but hey I'm still up so for me it's still tomorrow! ;-) lol)

Mattel has really hit it out of the park with the Monster High shoes...they are amazing and intricate and stunning.  But honestly I think Nefera's are by far the best yet! Being the daughter of the Mummy she is of Egyptian descent and therefore snakes are a big part of her detailing.  She actually has several of them in her Accessories from her belt, to her necklace and earrings.  But oh my my my her shoes!!!

 From the front they have almost an Art Deco feel. Done in gold and black with touches of coral and teal.  They are very pretty from the front but not anything super special.

(I love how there is an actual Right and Left shoe!)

Well Hello there!  Turn to the side and things start to get more interesting. Platforms seem to be the norm with these ghouls and Nefera would wear nothing less either it seems.  The back portion that wraps around the heel seems to follow the Art Deco trend.  But there is where 'safe' stops...the girl is walking on COBRAS!!!!  Teal blue COBRAS!!!  Now I don't even like snakes, but holy moly I'd LOVE to rock a pair of shoes like these!!!

Here we have a close up on the amazing amount of detail that went into the HEEL of her SHOES!  Let's bear in mind that the cobras are barely an inch (25mm) tall!  The scales are fantastic and heck there is even a bump in the open mouth for a tongue!  The only this that could have made these better would have been jewels in the snakes eyes...but I think I can handle that!

Now my only hope is that Mattel will release some fashion packs for Nefera that include shoes, (since she can't wear the same sized shoes as the other ghouls).  But if not I KNOW that she can rock these amazing shoes with whatever she chooses to wear!

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  1. Aren't they great? I have a Nefera and I've been marveling at her shoes for some time now, LOL, I wish the Neemos could wear them!!!! XD


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