Friday, September 14, 2012

Another 'Work' week Done!

I did end up taking Scruffy for a walk Wednesday afternoon and I did indeed take a doll out for a hike!  I had a fantastic time and got some great shots.  Of course it helps to remember that however far you walk one have to return that same distance! LOL  I was tired, but very happy! :-)

 I'll start with some great landscape shots.  I am really blessed to live in an area that is 'wild' right across the street.  We live in the Hudson River Valley area of New York and the scenery truly is gorgeous.

This is the view when I walk out my front door! =D  I simply cannot wait for the leaves to start changing colors!  I hope to try and get out every couple of weeks to take pictures.
 As I was taking a few shots of my doll, I noticed the spot of reddish in the base of the tree.  Getting down to take a closer look I discovered this.  I am pretty sure it is a mushroom, although I haven't a clue about it's variety.  And since I do know that many, many mushrooms are highly toxic, I chose to leave him be.  But not with out snapping a few shots.

Next stop on my hike was this really neat fallen tree.  The bark is peeling off in an almost perfect spiral. 

I stopped here to get a few shots as well.  I just love how lush and green everything is right now. So beautiful. :-)

Next up was this spot...not sure what it was that called to me about it, but it just did.  That boulder on the left is huge! Probably about 3 feet tall.

And this shot, well, it gave me the heebie-jeebies! But at the same time I found it incredibly fascinating.  I will be the first to tell you that spiders rank right up there with snakes of critters I try to avoid at all costs!!!
But I can certainly appreciate the beauty of a spider web.  This hollowed out stump was maybe 3 feet in diameter and was just chock full of this spider 'nets'.

As I trekked farther into the woods than I'd ever been, I came upon this marshy area that I didn't know existed.  Now if we still lived in Georgia, I would definitely have been concerned about alligators in the water, but I'm pretty sure here in New York, that is not really a problem! lol (But since I had no desire to slip of come across any snakes or other things, I chose to use my Zoom! LOL)

This image is of the Hudson River, from high atop a look out tower in the woods.  It looks so calm and serene and I could honestly sit up here for hours and just relax. 

But that day I stayed for a short while and took some landscape shots as well as some doll shots.

Which I think I will do as a 2nd post, so as not to make this one 8 miles long! ;-)

Stay tuned for a Monster High photoshoot!

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