Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday already!

Where has this week gone???  I've not been nearly as productive as I would have liked to have been this week, but I did get quite a bit done.  I finished off several items of clothing for my shop and spent all day Wednesday setting up my scene and then photographing each item. (I still have about a half a dozen pieces to shoot as well as some pieces that I need to shoot on Nefera as she has a slightly larger body size. Those shots will allow me to market those pieces for her as well!)

First off here is Cleo De Nile's walk-in closet! =D  Is it wrong to envy a doll? lol
Essentially being an Egyptian mummy princess, Cleo is used to...hmm...excess, maybe is a good word to describe Cleo. Her favorite colors are teal/aqua (as Cleo would say, the color of an Egyptian sky on a clear day) and GOLD lots and lots of gold!

I used the Mattel made vanity as my jumping off point for this diorama.  I wanted to use this 'room' as the backdrop for the clothing items in my shop. I used plain white walls (matt board from the craft store) and added the large butterfly image (cut in a square on the back wall and 'fussy-cutted' on the left wall.), the butteflies came from a couple sheets of glittery scrapbooking paper.  On the left wall I used the Mattel made Coffin Bean loveseat and added a small end table made from a Dollar Tree office supply cup. (this one I think would be for like paper clips, tacks or rubber bands). 

Along the back wall I used 3 pencil organizers I also picked up from the DT as bookshelves/shoe racks.  I stacked 2 on their sides and filled them with shoes, books, and a few other items
 The third pencil organizer I stood up on end and used the large middle section for the tall boots.  On tops the of the shelves I have a globe, some handmade candles, a pair of black cat statues, the dock and Cleo's Icoffin, a tray filled with necklaces, a fan and of course the world's largest diamond! ;-)  In the vertical shelf there is a polymer clay 'tablet' with a peacock design and a miniature Sphinx.  On top of that shelf is a basket with Cleo's crowns.  On the floor is a beige purse and Cleo's Fearleading duffel bag.
 This is Cleo's vanity.  It's a bit busy with all the gold, so eventually I might try to tone some of it down with a bit of dry brushing or painting to highlight certain area.  There really is a lot of detail in this piece and it'd be nice to really show it off to its fullest potential.  There are 4 shelves on either side of the mirror.  On these I've used MH items, rement, as well as Barbie and Bratz accessories. There is a little black bird statue, a clear cup with make-up brushes, a bottle of scented talc, and several perfume bottles.

On the surface of the vanity sits more perfume bottles, a tray of jewelry, a lantern, some votive candles, the dragon egg Cleo is supposed to be hatching for Mad Science and her sister Nefera's pet scarab beetle Azula.
The last area I put together is Cleo's purse shelf.  I've used various MH, Barbie and Bratz purses here. On the top is a smaller golden cat statue, a chunk of gold, a sphere of (I think) serpentine jade, a piece of tigereye, and a potted plant.  In the forefront is a black corduroy club chair that desperately needs lint rolled! o_o Eep!

I hope you enjoyed a tour through Cleo's Walk-in Closet.  I will do another post later with some images from the ghouls 'fashion show', in the meantime, though, if you'd like to see more, please visit my photostream over on Flickr! =D


  1. WOW - I'm amazed at how much stuff you can find for these dolls AND how much you can make for them ;) The 'room' looks great !!!

  2. Thanks Ban! I really had a blast setting this scene up and wish I had room to leave it up permanently. I think next I want to do a pink and black bedroom scene. :-)

  3. Enjoyed the tour?! My goodness, I loved it! You really pulled this together. All the elements really fit to create a super cool space.

  4. Thanks Muff! Glad you enjoyed it! This might be my favorite 'space' I've set up so far! :-)

  5. I like the room which you made them ! It's great !

  6. Thanks Krystal! So far this is my favorite room I've set up. As a matter of fact it's still set up and I enjoy looking at it every day.

    I'd like to do up a pink and black bedroom for Draculaura next. I am working on a bed for her right now! =D

  7. Oh yes it will be nice to Draculaura ;) I want to make him one too, but so do other parts, I have the room in preparation for Frankie!
    I can't wait to see yours !


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