Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's up Wednesay

Today has been a 'blah, don't feel like doing anything' kind of day! :-(  Months ago I mentioned that when I keep on track and force myself to a schedule I do pretty well, however disrupt my schedule even one day and I find it really hard to get back on track.  I've run into that this week.  I just can't seem to get back into  the groove! *sigh*

That being said I did start walking my dog yesterday.  We did one lap around our Loop, and it was enough.  I am woefully out of shape. :-(  Hopefully if we keep it up everyday we'll soon be walking further and further! I am going to ask my husband to help me rearrange our living room this weekend so we can get our home gym equipment set up again. AND start using it too!

 I haven't listed anything new in my shop yet, but I'll leave you with a few pictures of the pieces coming soon!

 This outfit came about when  Facebook friend mentioned her granddaughter loved tie-dye and Monster High.  So of course knowing I had this ribbon in my stash I had to do something.  It's cute, flirty and fun!  Lala wears it with a velvety top made from a drapery fabric sample.

Cleo wears a hand painted halter top.  I liked the plain pink top, but felt it needed a little something.  I didn't want to add beads or sequins, which I thought would make the top seem heavier, so I pulled out some paints and added the solid strip at the neckline and then embellished it with polka dots.  This paint has a shimmer to it, so there is a light sparkle too!
 Here is Rochelle, my Parisian gargoyle.  She is wearing an outfit brought about by both my mom and my aunt.  The solid blue fabric in the top came from my mom.  It is a single shoulder tank top accented with coordinating blanket stitching and sequins at the shoulder.  The skirt is a super cute cherry print fabric that came from my aunt.  She had previously hemmed and gathered it. (Which OMG I have to get a gathering foot for my sewing machine!!!!)  I simply folded the fabric in half and added the waistband to create this bubble skirt.

Thinking about it know I wish I had added the pair of hot pink Mattel made tights I have to this outfit! lol

Ah my dear Cleo...this might be my most favorite outfit I've put her in so far!  This fabric also came from my mom.  Its a retro-ish floral stretch knit.  Because of the stretch this slim strapless dress fit beautifully!  And the colors look amazing on Cleo as well!

Miss Ghoulia wears a Bratz denim mini skirt with a top I almost didn't make.  This top gave me no end of headaches and I think this final version was about the 18th reincarnation... and of course it ended up looking nothing at all like my original plans.  But I'm ok with that, as I really like the final result1

Ghoulia models for me again here, wearing one of the black faux suede pencils skirts I've made, plus a Mattel made top.  The denim shrug I decorated by first sewing some decorative stitches with my sewing machine THEN cutting out my pattern piece.  I finished the edges with a matching gold blanket stitch.

I plan on having lots of these shrugs in my shop in several different shades of denim, fleece and faux suede.  They sew up super quick, there are just 2 seams.  The longest part in the blanket stitching around the edges, but even that doesn't take too long.  Plus I like doing it as it's kind of mindless work.  Good for days when I don't feel like doing anything...Hmmm like today!  I think I'll do some stitching after I take the dog for a walk! =D

Well my friends I'm off.  Scruffy is gettting antsy to go on a walk.  I might just take a doll and my camera with me too! We shall see!


  1. These are some beautiful fashions! Cleo's dress is particularly lovely.


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