Sunday, September 9, 2012

Eeep! Sunday already???

I meant to post this yesterday, but well Saturday just kind of slept away from me...nope not slipped, slept! LOL  I was up at a decent hour this morning even got some things done online. but by noon I was feeling lousy and went and crawled back into bed. I think the weather played a big role in how I felt too.  It was cool, grey and stormy all day.  (To include a tornado warning!) Thankfully nothing more than heavy rains and some blustery winds though.  But it ended up being 5pm when I woke up, then of course I had to figure out something for dinner. (guess who needs to go grocery shopping tomorrow? o_O)  Ended up picking up McDonald's chicken nuggets and a couple of salads.  I enhanced the salads with extra veggies and added some french bread.  Was actually a pretty nice dinner.

But needless to say I accomplished nothing today! :-(  Although I suppose I should feel good because Friday I got 9 items of Monster High clothing listed in my shop. I still have loads more to list though.  I don't know if I'll get any in tomorrow, what with grocery shopping and all, but I'm going to try.  If not I will start first thing Monday morning.
 I figured I would share some of my favorite pictures from my 'product' shoot the other day.

<-- This one here is of (Left to Right) Ghoulia, wearing a custom skirt with a Mattel made top. Cleo in the middle is wearing a custom denim mini and Mattel Made top. Nefera (seated in the back) wears a custom top and leggings.  Lala wears a custom top and Bratz skirt.

I want to check out Lowe's or Home Depot to see if either place carries 24" peel n stick tiles.  These are 18" and for most things work great. But since my photo set-up is 24" wide a nice solid tile would be awesome.  My other thought would be to buy a pack of smaller tiles and adhere them in a pattern to a sheet of either matt board, cardboard or foam core.  I think I'd also like to get some wood grained paper or shelf liner to do a simulated wood floor. as well.

Here is Lala modelling a full outfit by me. She wears a faux suede mini, a cute tulip print flair top and a bright red mesh shrug.  This might just be one of my favorite outfits. :-)  I wish I knew how to sew super thin knit material, as I love the way these bright green Mattel made tights look with this outfit.  So instead I try to watch ebay for listings that include the tights.  They can be expensive, but I've gotten some good deals. :-)
(Plus an awesome friend who sent me this pair as well as a couple of others! Mwah! =D)

Here we have my dragon twins. (who are still bald and awaiting rooting)  One of these days I will get their hair ordered and get them finished!

Brinnande (with pink lips) is wearing Pink Pleasure, a mini dress I made from a fun print with shimmery silver accents. Her sister Kaitrus (with green lips) wears Glorious Green, a  neat Grecian inspired dress, made from the coolest crinkled ribbon!

Next up is the adorable Abbey Bominable!  I just adore this figure, and her character in the cartoon is fabulous too! She's a no nonsense kind of ghoul!  She is wearing a pair of Bratz jeans, that I paired with a teal floral top I made from an upcycled little girls top I found on clearance and fabric given to me by my mom.  The solid blue came from Mom and is really unique.  It has the appearance of felt, but only on one side.  The other side is really smooth.  It's weird, but really cool!

Here are the GFF's (ghoul friends forever).All three ghouls are wearing Mattel made tops with my custom faux suede skirts in 3 different lengths. 

I love this faux suede material a ton!  It is perfect for clothing, but also works great for upholstery. I think I have it in red, olive green and purple.  I need to pull some of the other colors out and make some more skirts and such!
 Here Lala and Cleo are modeling skirts I made in different lengths from the same material.  Lala's mini skirt is trimmed at the top with some antique cream lace that came from my husband's aunt's sewing stash.  She sadly passed away a few years ago, but I think she'd be thrilled to see her supplies being given new life! :-)

Cleo's skirt is unembellished, but she wears a deep maroon strapless top I created.  Lala's top is also made by me and is from a sample of 'velvet' drapery material
 This is Rochelle, my Parisian gargoyle.  she has such a sweet face!  I paired her stock skirt with a grey denim off the shoulder top.  I used a wire mesh 'ribbon' that I twisted up to make the strap.  I added a Swarovski cyrstal to the corner for a little bit of pizazz. :-)
Last but not least is Cleo again.  Here she is wearing a denim mini made by me and a cute white 'baby doll' style top.  This material was sent to me in a box chock full of goodies from my aunt!  (It's so awesome to have relatives who sew! =D)  She had already serged this piece so I just did a casing for the elastic at the top and added a piece under the bust as well.  I topped it off with the pretty coral pink bow because there are small VERY subtle pink polka dots in this fabric! 

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  I'm off to bed now!

Much love,


  1. Your girls look so lovely!!! I keep telling myself I need to get on the ball and make more clothes... but I totally have been slacking -_-

  2. Thanks Heather! I love sewing for these girls, my issues is making the time to photograph them! lol


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