Saturday, February 11, 2017

Almost Got it All

So, when I left you last night this was my To Do List for today, plus taking the dog to the groomers and the boys for haircuts.
 As of 5 minutes ago I had crossed off everything but the candles. (Also the boys didn't get their haircuts today, but that was by their choice.)

I had every intention of getting to the groomers when they opened at 10, but last night I couldn't sleep, despite my best efforts including a mug of Sleepytime tea. :-( So when my alarm went off at 9... I turned it off!) I was up at 10 though when the dog scared the crap out of us by wagging his tail into the door! 
Ichabod is an 80# Black Lab/Great Dane mix with a whip like tail, and needless to say that whip against the hollow core door...yeah, not exactly the best way to wake up! 

But he and I were off to the groomers shortly there after and then back home not much later.  I stopped at our mail box (our neighborhood has banks of mailboxes at one end of the street rather than individual ones) and found a check I had been waiting on.
So after dropping the dog at home I was off to the OTHER side of town to deposit it and grab a few things from the store.
Needless to say it was almost 3pm before I got home and into my studio.

That being said I, first, set to work getting a batch of resin mixed up in the new plastic cups I bought, and then once those molds were set aside to cure, out came the clay and a few hours later a squadron of succulents was ready for the oven! They will get baked tomorrow.

 Oh and I did get the miniature pencils on my list painted.  Tomorrow they will get the metal band-thingy and their erasers then those will be ready to show off.  Those are also for future subscription boxes! ;-)

Time to go make tomorrow's To Do List!   Night! :-)

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