Sunday, February 12, 2017

Another List Finished

I gotta say I am loving making lists again.  It is so satisfying to cross everything off the list!  Yep, I completed everything on my To Do List!
 I started out my day pulling the resin I poured yesterday.  I had real high hopes that these would come out fully cured with no stickiness since I mixed the resin in a plastic cup rather than the wax coated Dixie ones.
Le Sigh... I was disappointed yet again, nearly every piece I pulled out was tacky!

But oddly the spheres I cast in a commercially made silicone mold came out fully cured and rock hard...again.  Actually out of every single batch of resin I have poured, those have properly and completely cured each time. *ponders* I have a feeling that the molding compound itself may be to blame. Grrr.  I don't want to chuck the molds since the casts themselves are shaped perfectly AND there are ways to counteract and clean up the tackiness, but it adds a few extras steps to the process.  C'est la vie!

After fussing with the resin for a while I moved onto the clay candles.  Not only did I get the 6 candles I planned shaped, but I also made a few extra.  I need to pick up a bit more translucent clay, but for now I am happy that all the candles for the Reviewer Boxes are ready to hit the oven tomorrow.

I finished painting the little pencils and I am just thrilled with those. Then I went through my tiny ceramic plate stash and found the perfect plates for the cookies that will go in the Snuggled on the Sofa box.  I even decided how I want to package those when they go in the box. So that makes me happy. 

Time to go plan out tomorrow's list and play some FaceBook games before The Walking Dead comes on! ;-)

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