Sunday, February 5, 2017

MSD BJD Mini Subscription Boxes Coming SOON!!!

Now that the American Girl commission is all done I can get back to my preferred scale. My MSDs/1/4 scale crew.  I just adore this size and love creating unique clothes, foods and props for them.
About a year ago I got the idea to make up a Subscription Box series in this scale with the hopes that other people who enjoy setting up dioramas would enjoy getting a monthly box of themed goodies.
Due to moving, working and so many other things it never really got off the ground.  Last week I decided that maybe MINI boxes was the answer.  I brainstormed and created for a few days and came up with the items for my first box as well as the theme for 6 more!
I think to start with, I will do Bi-Monthly since most items will be hand made by myself.  Every other month will allow me plenty of time to get enough items created for each box.

The first box in the series will be called Snuggled on the Sofa. It will include a nice fluffy pillow and a big comfy fuzzy throw blanket for burrowing under, as well as a mug of either cocoa or coffee and a plate of cookies.  You've got to have something to nibble on while snuggled up!
Lastly the set will include a novel of some genre to read,  a potted plant and a candle (which I forgot to photograph. smh). I love the little details that knick-knacks and accessories on shelves add to a scene.
 All of these items will either be handmade by me or purchased by me for the boxes.
 I am  currently looking for 1 or 2 people who love filling their scenes with fun props as well as blogging, Flickring,  Instagramming or doing YouTube videos. I need a couple reviewers, in exchange for your honest posted review I will send you the first box in the series free of charge.
If you are interested please contact me! Thanks in advance!


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