Monday, January 4, 2010

First post of 2010!

Wow, so I am a good bit late on this but...HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful time ringing in the new year. I wish you all a year filled with joy and laughter,finished projects and lots of sales in your stores! May your worst day of 2010 be above and beyond even your best day of 2009!
We rang in the new year by watching a movie and then doing our own thing (computers and video games) until about 5 till. Then we all toasted the new year with sparkling cider for the kids and champagne for the grown-ups. Little ones were tucked into their beds while the hubby and I enjyoed the peace and quiet a little longer. New Years day was more of the same, each of us doing our own things. (We are rather boring actually! LOL)
On Sunday I went out and did a little shopping, one of our local bookstores was closing so I went out and bought everyone new books. Although there was not a polymer clay, jewelry, miniature or craft book to be found in the store. =( Oh well I found several in the series that hubby reads, several for my kiddos and a couple romance novels for me! =D
Then I headed over to Wal-mart to pick up some items I needed and of course I had to check out the clearance Christmas stuff. Before Christmas they had some adorable Thomas Kinkade house ornaments that would have been perfect as dollhouses in a dollhouse. But of course they were all gone, although there are 3 other walmarts in our area that I need to check! ;-)But I did find a pair of Breyer-like miniature horses for $2.50 each. Here is Lady Orah with her new steed Blaze!
My other 'project' is the chairs to match the Hepplewhite table from House of Miniatures. Hopefully the design will show up...but the chairs are being painted with a combination of sage green, cream and pale pink. The seat and back section were stained with the same Rust stain as the table tops.
I still need to finish the green on the back rungs as well as a bit of the rung on the bottom...but I am so happy about how these are turning out. The are hugely time-consuming and I doubt I will be doing any more this detailed, but this set will be gorgeous!


  1. I love the chairs! I like the combination of the stain and the painted accents- you are right- the set will be gorgeous! Lady Orah looks so delighted with her new steed :) Happy New Year to you as well!!!

  2. Love how you've done the chairs! Orah looks quite pleased with her new conveyance. ;-)

  3. The chairs are looking wonderful.

    And Orah looks right at home...nice buy !

    Happy new year to you all too xx

  4. Thanks Ladies!!! I have one chair almost finished...the green is taking so much longer since I need to be so much more careful with it. But man oh man I LOVE the way it looks! Hopefully I will finish one chair tonight and can show it off tomorrow. =D


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