Saturday, August 21, 2010

2 posts in one day...

Yep I just had to show off the new jackets I bought today! (Oh yeah and the Liv outfit that Ellie is modeling too!)
1. Liv jeans and lacey top. The jeans are a tad too short, I am thinking about adding a 'cuff' of brown suede (since the stiching is brown) The top is also a pain to get on as the Liv dolls must have slightly narrower hips than Barbies do. BUT once on it's really cute! The purse and dog bowl are Liv, the shoes, sunglasses & chihuahua are Barbie.
2.& 2a. Yellow Houndstooth hooded jacket
3. Coral 'puffy' parka, with 'fur' trim. I like the asymetrical collar, but want to tack down the right side.
4. Camo Nehru style jacket. I LOVE the hot pink trim with the camo
5. Aqua Short Flare Trench. Possibly my favorite, my sister informed me that she wants THIS jacket in HER size!!! LOL


  1. Too funny, When I blew the picture up and saw the blue jacket, I though the same thing as your sister!! You guys have good taste!

  2. wow, when you go on a shopping spree you REALLY go on a spree!!! great finds :)

  3. Katie...if only we could find them!!!!
    Ban, yes ma'am I sure do! =D I LOVE shopping and it's even better when I find bargains!


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