Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dress #8---The Roxie

I found the plaid ribbon the other day at Hobby Lobby and knew it was meant to be a skirt. Since it wasn't wide enough to make the entire thing from it I used it as an accent on a fitted black skirt. The tee shirt came from Big Lots and is a scrapbook embellishment. It took a little alteration to make it fit though. For one it was constructed like a real tee...but the neck opening doesn't stretch. So I sliced it up the back and added a bit more black t-shirt material to each side and added velcro. Now it fits properly and is removeable! The shoes are from my first Fashionista doll (now Bren) and the satchel is from the Liv line of dolls. It also had a camouflage jacket, but that'll wind up with something else I'm sure1 LOL
I think I am going to try making her a Music Theory text book to go in her satchel since it opens.


  1. This is a darling little outfit! :D

    I've got your fabric and I'll mail it out soon.

  2. Thank you Kathi!
    YAY!!! You are a doll! =D

  3. Sabes encontrar en un trozo de tela, una falda. Tienes una imaginaciĆ³n incansable y tambien tus manos. Esta barbie la has dejado muy juvenil.
    Besos Clara.

  4. OK...I don't know what I just hit, but if you end up with a weird comment from me that's why!

    So, I was telling you I loved the plaid with the pink! And smart move with the t-shirt. I have bought these shirts from big lots! I have an england one, and i sent a paris one to a friend. But, I had no clue what to do with mine, lol. Thouhgt I could fold it up, put it in a shopping bag and make it look like one of my mini friends had just been to London, lol. I think I like your idea better! :)

  5. Katie, I think the tees would look adorable folded up as a souvenier1
    Thanks Kim!


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