Monday, August 23, 2010

Dress #9---The Halle

You know like Halle-ween! =D
Yeah ok I know it's a bad bad pun, but I couldn't resist! Dress number 9 (...hmm maybe I need to make a little Love Potion too! hehehe) Ok sorry back to the outfit! Dress #9 is an orange and black fringed, plaid wrap-around skirt, with jet crystal 'button'. The matching sweater is black 'knit' material with a decorative jeweled accent at the shoulder. This is actually a bodysuit which allows for the 'tucked in' look. Matching black mules and a Halloween tote bag make this a great ensemble for taking Kelly out trick or treating and then out to dinner or a party with one of the guys afterwards. (hmmmm has Edward taken an interest in Ellie?)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tote - was wondering what to do with that fabric ... I live in JoAnns too!

  2. Thanks Ban! I almost just did a simple 'fold-it-and-sew-the-sides' totes and then remembered the great orange twill I just got. I think it looks SOOOO much better this way! =D

    I am soooo screwed when it comes to my fabric addiction...JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, Hancock Fabrics AND I just discovered 2 small local fabric stores!!! My wallet is NOT happy! LOL

  3. LOL...POor Edward! That doll stand looks really uncomfy!! Hahaha

    Loving the orange skirt! And the halloween bag!!!

  4. Heeheehee...actually it's not as bad as it looks Katie. The stand actually sits about an inch (in scale of course) below the pertinent bits!

    Thanks I had fun making this halloween set and am looking forward to making others!

  5. I'm thinking that you should sew your own clothes! I love all the outfits you are putting together! Fabulous!!

  6. Thanks Kim...I actually have sewn several outfits for myself before and have tons of patterns to make more, but I honestly like sewing little clothes more. Nothing worse than sewing an outfit from a pattern (that looks awesome in the pic) only to discover that on it looks HORRIBLE!!! (had that happen WAY too many times! LOL)

  7. ¡Me encantan tus conjuntos! Eres una diseƱadora estupenda. Esta falda de hoy y el bolso son una maravilla y se ven muy bien cosidos.
    Besos Clara.


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