Friday, August 6, 2010

Dress number 2...

Finished!!! I'm not entirely happy with it, it's rather 'gappy' at the top. HOWEVER I am trying to keep reminding myself that these clothes are intend for children to play with. SO it's better that they be a little loose for little fingers to have an easier time with. I did deviate from the original pattern by adding the front vertical 'darts' and I added a strip of velcro down the length of the back. That way the dress opens completely. I also added the ruffle of lace at the bottom. Oh and the underbust detail was supposed to be a thin ribbon tied in a bow. (I think they put WAY too many bows on Babs' clothes!!! LOL) I LOVE the overall look of this piece. I have added a pair of platform strappy sandals. I am thinking about making a bag to go with this ensemble, but not sure what kind or what color. I don't really want to make a matching bag, but the outfit needs something more. The grey outfit I finished yesterday will be sold as follows: pink tank, hat and shoes and grey vest and skirt. See my dilemma...the sheath dress needs more!
BTW MARSHA....Does the fabric look familiar????? =D

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