Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ooops I did it again...

Ok so after the craft supply haul the other day I really hadn't intended to buy anything else this month. BUT...then I hit one of our local Walmarts. And FOUND a TON of Barbie/1:6th scale stuff on clearance! The gorgeous red-haired basics doll was $7, normally $20, the Basics accessories in black and gold (with chihuahua) was only $4 again regular $20! The Taylor Swift 'directors' chairs were only $2 a piece so I bought all 4 figuring I can replace the glittery pink fabric. (Of course getting them home I discovered that they are REALLY unsturdy, sooo I will have to see what I can do to stabilize them!) The Liv pack with the pinky striped scarf was $1!!!! The other Liv items came from Toyrus as they were running a promotion that if you bought $30 in Liv items you got the Gift Shop playset free!!! (retails for $20) I love the way the Liv items work with Barbie so I snagged up the adorable coats as well as the lacey denim outfit!

Last but not least is the Harumika fashion design sets. This is an intriguing concept where you take 'sheets' of fabric and fold, drape and then tuck into a specially designed slot in the back of the Mannequin! I got the large set for $8 and the smaller one for $3. The thing I like is one, the mannequin, and 2 all the pre-made belts and such. I think this is gonna be alot of fun to play with! It seems that these items are not clearanced at ALL Walmart stores as I checked 2 others and these items were still full price! *sigh* Oh well!

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