Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello, my Name is Deborah...and I'm an Addict...

OK before anyone freaks drugs, no alcohol...nothing like that! I have discovered Re-ment. Re-Ment items are collectible 1/6th scale miniature accessories from Japan. I bought 6 sets last week and they arrived today. So as to not overload y'all with a zillion pics see them all over on my Flickr. The other super cool thing about some of the rement packs is they have shoes, shoes that FIT Libby!!!! Hooray! So now I just need to set about altering some Barbie patterns, (or hunting down some Skipper ones) to make Libby some new clothes. I did also discover some of the skirts that at 'scandalously' short on Barbie are the perfect APPROPRIATE length for Libby!

Next up is Ellie, modeling a mottled grey Skirt and 'fur' trimmed vest. (the pink items were purchased) The Skirt and vest have both been machine and hand sewn, as well as darted to allow for better fit. Vest just slips on, while the skirt closes down the back length with velcro. (which has been attached with Fabri-tac glue AND stitching!) The hems have also been finished in this double method to protect against the seams and hems pulling out during playtime!


  1. I love them all,but the coffee and the antique Japanese glass are my faves- how sweet! I love Ellie's new outfit too- and how awesome that there were shoes for Libby!!!!

  2. Kim those are my favorite pieces. Although being a military wife, seeing the cell display the time in 'military' time amused me to no end! LOL
    I am very happy with Ellie's outfit! I am hoping to get several pieces done over the coming days. I am off to get a pack of bobbins that will fit my sewing machine. (my others seem to have disappeared and the metal ones I found don't fit! Grrrr)

  3. People on DOA get Re-Ment all the time for their BJDs - you are NOT alone ;)

  4. Ban the quality of the pieces is just sooo much better than the Mattel made accessories. I love the fact that not everything is PINK! LOL Don't get me wrong...I like pink, but in moderation! LOL

  5. I LOVE Re-ment ! They are such detailed miniatures with a more modern feel to them. And even better... they have so many sets to choose from. If you just want to buy singles, check out


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