Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The girls have been busy!

Bren spent much of Sunday in the kitchen while Cassie disappeared into her studio. (Darren is still just chillin' in his easy chair, although he has asked me to atleast get him a book to read since I'm not ready to try a TV! LOL) {urgh somedays I can't stand hop flippity-floppity my brain is...I mentioned making a book, so what did I do run and go grab half a dozen books and start scanning them. Reasoning that since I'm gonna have to print it out why waste a whole sheet of paper on a single book!}
But I digress...where was I? Oh Bren spent much of Sunday baking yummy chocolate and Strawberry cupcakes! Yesterday was spent mixing up the most delicious looking frostings. When I asked why she didn't pipe on the frosting, she said that the flavor is more important than the look...and she wants folks to just dive right in and really taste her cupcakes. Well what can I say to that? Not a single thing.
Top Row---Hearts' Desire's signature Rich Chocolate cupcakes with milk chocolate ganache and madagascar vanilla frosting
2nd Row---Supreme Strawberry cupcakes with milk chocolate ganache and Grand Marnier chocolate cupcakes with fresh orange frosting
3rd Row---Supreme Strawberry and Hearts' Desire's signature Rich Chocolate cupcakes, both with Strawberry Fluff frosting.

Cassie presented Bren with her creation last night...a pretty variegated purple coiled bowl. Thanks to Casey over at Casey's Minis For showing off how she made them. (and inspiring me to try, as I was too lazy to look for her 'how-to' so I just googled it.) If you've never read Casey's blog I HIGHLY recommend it...even if you aren't into miniatures! I giggle and guffaw almost every single time I read a post from her! I love the way it turned out and will definitely be making more of these cool coiled bowls. I want to pick up some more variegated embroidery flosses...or research how to over dye my own! (oh goodie another tangent to run off on! LOL) I definitely want to make some tan ones to look like raffia too! Oooh and maybe some black or dark dark grey to look kinda like wrought iron! Woohoo!

I am also in the process of attempting to make some resin replicas of some bottles I bought...I think I screwed up the mixing part of the process as the resin that says it cures in 8 hours, is still tacky after 2 days! *sigh* Anyone know of a good 1 part resin??? Oooh I wonder if I could safely pour hot melted ultra thick embossing enamel...ok, skip that...tiny mold, hot enamel...that's an ER trip waiting to happen!!! Anyone have any tips on molding tiny bottles?

Well that's it for the moment, I am off to finish scanning these books and sewing the skirt I am working on for the gals. Later! ;-)


  1. Hmmmm...hot glue maybe?
    Love the basket and don't get me started on the cupcakes. (The last ones are my favorites :)

  2. hmmm hot glue...interesting!
    Thanks! They were loads of fun and I have about a zillion ideas for more! =D (I like the pink ones too! heeheehee)

  3. your cupcakes are soooo cute- and LOVE the flavors- darn I wish I had a real one! I would not even begin to know how to make and pour a mold so I'm definitely no help there :(

  4. Thanks Kim, I completely understand about wanting cupcakes...I am contemplating making some REAL ones! LOL
    I am almost positive I saw online someone do it...it's just a matter of finding the page again! LOL


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