Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cakes and sales

So I really enjoy creating things. When I finish them I usually snap a quick pic on my desk to share.(with all the 'stuff' behind it) Listing items in my Etsy shop seems to be a whole 'nother matter! Yes it takes me a while, but I don't even really mind sitting down (or crouching as is often the case) to spend a few hours taking photographs and editing them to best show off the product. BUT sitting dow to list each and every item on Etsy about drives me insane! It's not that I don't like writing the descriptions, that part is pretty easy for me. But it's the monotonous plugging in details that gets me...Heck I've had items where the listing took longer to do that making the item itself!!!
BUT if you're going to sell online this is something that needs to be done. It's silly to complain about lack of sales when the same few items have been sitting stagnant in your store! Thanks to the late night urging of a dear friend I listed these 2 cakes Friday night. Saturday morning I received a message from a gal in Canada asking if I'd ship the cream and chocolate one to her. No problem, (I prefer NOT to list shipping prices for international, but I will gladly do so after I adjust the listing accordingly) I emailed her back and confirmed that I would indeed find out how much shipping would be then alter the listing accordingly. Well not 5 minutes later someone ELSE bought the cake!!!!
My poor first customer was heart-broken, but I told her I would gladly make another cake custom for her! Then later that evening after posting my good news on Facebook, someone else custom ordered a version of the cake in Chocolate and Hot Pink!!! Soooo this just goes to show how important listing is!!!! (And listening to the urgings of good friends! =D)


  1. Deborah you cream and chocolate cake is AMAZING! Holy moly woman! If I hadn't read your post I would not have known that it was a miniature cake! That cake blew my mind! Heck I would have bought that cake myself :) What did you use for the stems? Beading wire? Anyways just wanted to give my two thumbs up :)

  2. Coming from you that IS high praise!!!! Thank you! Yep I used the beading wire that you string beads on...not the pure wire stuff for wrapping stones. this allows it to stay flexible and not kink. I used several layers of Lumiere paint at the tips to get the 'bead'!
    Thanks so much for your thumbs up! It feels sooo good to be moving in the right direction again!

  3. That is one (I mean two!) great cakes! I'm not surprised they are being snatched up! Told you, you are queen of clay! Great job!

  4. Thanks Kathi! I really do feel so renewed!

  5. Que gran trabajo, se ven de lo mas real, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  6. Están perfectos. Me encanta pasar por tu blog para ver que has hecho :)
    A los amigos hay que escuchar siempre. Me alegro de sus consejos para la tienda.
    Gracias por la calidad de las fotos, puedo ampliar para disfrutar de todos los detalles.
    Besos Clara

  7. Thanks so much for all your praise ladies!=D

  8. You do some amazing work and these cakes are no exception! And now you have the sales to back up all our praise. Congratulations!

  9. Wow, both cakes are awesome but the one on the right is downright amazing, you have such an eye for design.


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