Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gosh I LOVE books!

(Sorry this post is a 'tad' wordy! lol)

I really don't think there is anything like the rasp of pages turning in a good book! I didn't realize just how much I'd missed sitting down to devour a good book. Back in January when I first challenged myself to read 100 books in 2010, I didn't think anything of it. I mean I read each of the Harry Potter books from cover to cover on the day they were released! So really reading 2 books in a week should have been a cake walk. And it was until my husband deployed in April. It was kind of my ritual that I would read in the mornings while he got ready for work as well as in the evenings while he got ready for bed. Finishing 2 books was easy. But when he left, well my whole routine changed and I really didn't read as often as I had before. Heck there were several weeks that I didn't even pick UP a book, let alone read one. Oh sure I made sure to buy the latest releases from my favorite authors and read them. But the total immersion into them wasn't there. It certainly wasn't for lack of story that's for sure and I really did enjoy each book I read. It just wasn't with the same 'OMG-I-Can't-Put-This-Down' attitude that I truly love about a book that really draws you in.

I was at the bookstore a couple weeks ago looking for a new release and stumbled upon a couple other books that I had seen reviewed. I felt as though something let loose in my chest, as I grabbed those books...I could feel the need to read them, that sweet voice in the back of my head, calling out to me, crying to be fed the words written on those gorgeous pages. I finished the 4 books I bought in record time and went in search of more! And just last night I ordered yet more books! It feels so wonderful to be back to the point where I just want to lose myself in a book! =D

Ok so on to the reviews...I have finished 3 books and listened to one audiobook since my last post.
Book 54 was Guardian by Angela Knight. This is the most recent release in her Time Hunter series. I've written about her other books in this series of futuristic romances. Guardian follows Riane, a 23rd century Temporal Enforcer who, in the hunt for a traitor, gets stranded in the 21st century. Nick has been alone since his early teens, when 'monsters' killed his mother. Little does he know that his mother is actaully part of the very race of 'monsters' that killed her. Monsters which are also the enemy Riane fights against every day.
Book 55 is also by Knight, Master of Fire is the latest in her Mageverse series. (remember me mentioning King Arthur, Knights of the round table, vampires, witches and werewolves? yeah THAT series! =D) Master of Fire is about King Arthur and Queen Guinevere's son Logan. Logan is a Latent (someone capable of handling Merlin's Gift) who was long ago cleared to accept Merlin's gift and become a Maja (vampire) BUT Arthur and Gwen swore they'd never force that decision upon him, so Logan has lived a normal life in a small town as a fireman/arson investigator/bomb squad member. But when Latents start dying in suspicous 'accidents' Gwen fears for her son's life and sends a Maga (witch) to protect her son. Her only rules: Logan must NEVER know what she is or WHY she's there. Oh and NO FALLING for Logan. Let's just say "Best laid plans..."
These 2 were wonderful additions to Angela Knights wonderfully woven worlds and I look forward to reading even more!
Book 56 I just finished tonight, was Captive Desires by Diane Whiteside. This is the long awaited sequel to Captive Dreams which I read a few years back. (Heck that was the book that got me hooked on Angela Knight!) Captive Dreams follows Danae who is a successful Prima ballerina who writes fanfics in her free time. Imagine her shock and surprise to see her perfect envisionment of her favorite leading man at a fan convention. Alekhsiy has watched his pretty dancer through the veil that seperates the worlds many times, but even he is stunned by the rush of meeting her in the flesh. Now he must remember that he is in her world on a mission to save his own.
Book 57 is actually the audio book I listened too. Archangel's Kiss by Nalini Singh picks up where Angel's Blood left off. Guild Hunter Elana Devereaux must attempt to adapt to her new life by Rafaels' side. Demons from her past haunt her dreams, and begin to haunt even here waking hours. Murders in The Refuge must be investigated and lives must be protected. Is Elana strong enough? This was another fantastic installment to Nalini's Guild Hunter saga, but as with Angel's Blood, this definitely pushes the boundaries of our perceived notion of Angels. This one might not be for everyone. BUT I loved it1

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