Thursday, September 16, 2010

I've been reading...really I have

I just kept forgetting to post about the books after I've finished them. I've read 10 in the last 2 monthes so my reviews are gonna be super quick. Most of the authors are ones I've talked about before, just current books in their series or new series by them. So without further ado, books 44-53 (in no particular order, mainly cause I'm not entirely sure which order I read them! LOL)
Nalini Singh's Bonds of Justice, the most recent release in her Psy/Changeling series. I also started her Guild Hunter series with Angel's Blood. I LOVE Nalini and have enjoyed everything she writes. Her GH series might not be for some folks who have very definite ideas and opinions about Angels and vampires. BUT if you are open to interpretation and creative liberties, this is a very well written storyline with plenty of twists and turns.
From Gena Showalter (one of my faves!!!!) comes the latest in her Lords of the Underworld series with The Darkest Lie. She also had a short in the anthology The Bodyguard.
Ok so what to vampires, witches and The Knights of the Round Table have in common???? Nothing, unless you happen to be Angela Knight. This is probably one of my favorite authors, I can read her work over and over again and never tire of it. The first set is her Mageverse series. In it King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and the other knights are all immortal. Pretty cool, they've been protecting Earth for centuries. An old threat has come back seeking to conquer the universe starting with Earth. Oh by the way...Arthur and his Knights are vampires, and Gwen and the other ladies of Avalon are witches! (or Maja as they prefer!)Throw in werewolves and the Fae adn you have one wild ride of a story. Master of Night is the first book, which I HAVE read, just not this go-round as I can't find it! =( then comes Master of the Moon,
Master of Wolves,
Master of Swords,
and Master of Dragons
Her newest book is Master of Fire (which I am reading now, so not counting it...yet!)
Angela also has a futuristic series that deals with time-traveling genetically engineered warriors. Warlord which contains the short stories Jane's Warlord and Warfem starts of the series with a bang...actually I think it's more of a sonic boom as the hero Jumps into the 21st century. The second book in the series is Warrior. (again I've read it before, just not this time as I think I might have loaned it to someone. eeep!) Her newest book is called Guardian, which I just finished yesterday. Guardian features the daughter of the hero from Warlord as the heroine. Angela has a wonderful grasp on the future and her writings never fail to keep me entranced!

So there you have it...3 awesome authors, 10 great books in 2 monthes. I really need to do more reading or I don't think I'm gonna make my hundred. :-( Good thing I have several awesome books lined up waiting to be read!

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