Sunday, September 5, 2010

way behind, sorry!!! (plus Dresses 10 & 11)

Ok so let's see I last posted over a week ago...not good...been kinda hectic. First off I finished 2 more outfits by the 31st. The Robin (jeans, top, and bird watching accessories) and the Patricia (a blue and white paisley dress with Red accessories). The craft show I'd been working towards was Wednesday the 1st. Not the best show but certainly not the worst either. I did sell 3 of my barbie outfits. (the Rachel, Traelyn and Marsha!) So I was very happy about that. I sold a few other little things as well but not really all that much. Although I did hand out a ton of business cards and was invited to do another show in November, and had several folks ask about custom orders. =D

After that well I promptly got horribly ill! Like ugh thought I was gonna die ill. Thankfully it only lasted 24 hours and I have a wonderful teenaged son and 2 very well behaved younger sons. Joe took care of his brothers and such while I slept away most of Thursday. (Glad I was able to up up and mobile long enough to get the younger 2 off to school and then pick them up from as well.) I have no idea what cuased it, but I honestly think it was my bodies way of telling me I'd not been taking care of myself. So it forced me to! I am back to my old self again, but will definitely NOT be pushing myself so hard this time around. I don't have too much going on over the next couple of months, but there are some biggies. Yard Sale on the 18th, just a bit of rummaging around for that. Custom order miniature Miss Piggy and a dragon to go with the other Jim Henson characters I made last month. Another larger custom dragon, a set of custom Christmas ornaments, and Army Camouflage pens, oh yeah and some wedding accessories in miniature. THEN in October is the Fort Benning Bazaar show, then 2 more shows in November. None of these things will take up too much time and I promise to make sure I am eating and sleeping better. =D


  1. Yes! You definitly have to take care of yourself better!! No more getting sick:)

    Loving the new dresser! Congrats on selling a few! I love seeing what you come up with! ....I still have all my Barbies...and now Cora's~ She just recently stopped playing with them (She just turned 13, and I guess she thinks she's too old for them) Either way...we're keeping all of them for the next generation!

    Good luck on the up coming shows:)

  2. Sorry to hear you were ill! I agree with Katie- you have to make sure to take care of yourself too :) Sounds like you have some good boys. I love the Robin!

  3. Cuidate, necesitamos que tengas la mente libre para crear esos modelos tan geniales. Me alegro por las ventas.
    Besos Clara

  4. ¡Gracias Clara, voy a cuidar mejor de mí mismo!

  5. I promise to take better care of myself ladies...I have NO desire to be sick like that EVER again!!!!


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