Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like...

Ok so I know it's only the middle of September, and I can't STAND seeing all the Christmas decor being put up in stores already...BUT as a crafter, I KNOW I MUST get started on Christmas decor (heck I probably should do some all year round so there is no rush) So I started out with these cute 'stained' glass items. I bought the little frames last year intending to make them then. Well best laid plans... Sooo here is teh 1st wave. 3 became ornaments with the fourth becoming a votive holder. I am including a battery operated tea-light flameless 'candle' with it. Right now I have one that changes color, but I am thinking that a plain one might be better. (More pics here!)
I have one more of each design...I was thinking about doing votives with the 3 that are ornaments and and ornament with the other. That way each design will be available as either an ornament or a votive holder.

I also finished a round 1/6th scale table. I'm rather happy with it. The base was an unfinished candlestick and the top is 2 thin rounds wood-glued together. I painted the base white and the top got stained Oak.


  1. The stores get earlier every year in putting out Christmas stuff. The only places that should have it out early is the craft store for the crafters to get their holiday items made. One year stores around here had Christmas items out in July. I think people must have complained about it because it hasn't been out that early since. I think when it gets put out to early people get burn out and then don't enjoy the holidays as much. Overkill....

  2. It's one thing for the store to put out the crafting supplies for Christmas... it's another thing to put out the lights, finished ornaments, and the trees...

  3. It's never too early to work on Christmas! It's always fun.


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