Friday, April 22, 2011

A late MOTW

Eeeek I painted this mani back on Tuesday! I just got around to photographing it today! It's pretty but I'm ready for something new. I asked my friends on Facebook to pick my color for this one, and the first one suggested was orange. Since I was drooling over the Butterfly Wing mani from a few days back on Dee'z Nail blog... I felt orange was perfect! I started with my normal clear coat, then did 2 coats of Revlon's Siren. I must admit I was NOT happy with the way it covered. Maybe I didn't wait long enough between coats, but it smudged really badly. With most polishes by the time I finish all 10 fingers I can easily put on the second coat. Not so with Siren. Oh well. To try and even it out as well as add some shimmer I added one coat of OPI's Conga-line Coral. (if I decide to try the butterflies in orange again I think I'll just use 2 coats of this instead!) To add even more shine I added 1 coat of Nubar's 2010 which is a holographic flakie polish. On my ring finger of each hand I used Sally Hansen's Black Out and a fine brush. I now know why many nail salons use acrylic paints for artwork...this paint dried so quickly it was hard to get a clean smooth line. Next time I will definitely try using acrylics instead! The white dots were added using Petites French White, I dropped just a bit on some plastic and used a ball stylus in 3 different sizes and just dotted the polka dots. Dots are FUN, I will definitely be doing more of them!!! =D

On the doll front, my husband and I picked up the wood today for the 3 story Barbie doll house we are making. We decided to go with pine rather than plywood, partly because they had the exact size boards we needed, but also because the wood looked so much better. We decided that it was to pretty to paint, so with the 'customer's' ok, we chose a nice rich stain that will match the twins' bedroom furniture. I'm going to get down to business tonight on the furniture, and we will start construction next week!


  1. oooooooohhh! I love this one (my fave color is orange:) ) I'm excited about the barbie house-are you going to show progress shots? Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

  2. Thanks Kim, this orange is a fabulous blend of colors and looks less Autumnal than I was expecting. The shimmery OPI color looks very Fall-like in the bottle than is did out of it.
    Yes there will definitely be progress shots as the house comes together!
    I wish you and yours a wonderful Easter as well!

  3. FTR your nails look better than those on the link you provided ;) And you're making a 3 story house ?!? That's ambitious, I just got done making a 'room'/diorama for my PKFs. Aren't supportive husbands awesome ?!?

  4. *blushing* Awww Ban, Thanks!
    Yup the house is 3 feet wide by 4 feet tall! It will be shared by a pair of soon to be 8 yr old twins! My hubs is so awesome when it comes to my hobbies!

  5. very pretty. i want to do an orange butterfly wing soon

    that barbie house is going to be lovely.

  6. Thank you Dee, coming from you that's a big compliment! =D


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