Monday, April 25, 2011

MOTW and Serendipity

I changed my polish Saturday night and decided to use a fun blue glitter nail polish I made. (Well I mixed the color anyway... lol) It seems within the polish 'scene', creating custom colors is called Franken-ing. (Like Frankenstein! heeheehee)
Sooo last week I found some nail polish that came in some clearanced make-up kits I bought a few years back. I really just wanted the cool cases! ;-) The bottles are tiny and I truly figured the paint would be old and gloppy. Surprisingly the consistency was still good. I picked a sheer beige color (I figure it was meant for doing French Manicures) and found some gorgeous teal holographic glitter in my craft stash. Little did I know that the polish would leach the color right off the glitter!!! So instead of a sheer polish with teal glitter, I ended up with a sheer teal polish with SILVER holographic glitter! I gotta say I love serendipity! To get the full coverage on most of my nails I needed 3 kinda heavy coats. The sparkle level is amazing, but the texture is a little rough. I've decided to call it Sunlight on the Water as it reminds me of the way sunlight sparkles on a smooth lake. On my ring finger of each hand I started off with a single coat of E by Essences' Forever Mine then topped that with a single coat of my franken. I think I actually like it better this way!

On the Barbie front, I sold several of my heart topped cupcakes this weekend! YAY!! (I did realize that I need to list the chocolate versions of these though!) I am working on the 1st loveseat, my husband is a great problem solver and an awesome out-of-the-box thinker and he helped me out with some stability issues. So this pair of seating should be awesome and perfectly capable of standing up to the imaginative play of a pair of 8yr old twins! =D(hopefully I'll have pics tomorrow)


  1. I had to go bck and see what Barbie house you were talking about! Sounds like a lot of fun! Those 2 little girls are going to be soooo happy:)

  2. those cupcakes look soooo yummy :) the nails look FAB too but the roughness would drive me crazy I think, I hate when my nails catch on things, I'd be reaching for a file every five minutes. I like the ring finger better too BTW.

  3. Katie, the house is going to be a crazy wild ride, but I think it's going to be fantastic when finished!
    Thanks Ban, I like making the 1/6th scale pieces so much! I have a ton of cupcakes ready that I just need to photograph and list in my shop, but that probably won't happen until this house is finished.
    Thankfully the finish of the polish isn't too terribly bad, I haven't snagged anything, but they are definitely not the 'normal' polish smoothness either. I think this will be a layering in the future!:-)

  4. I like this a lot- but I think it pops more on the fingernail on your ring finger too. I've never heard of franken-ing nail polish before :) I now know why I failed at my plastic painting- I didn't read the directions well enough! I had no idea it took 7 days to cure!! Thanks Deborah!!

  5. My pleasure Kim, I really paid attention to directions since I want to make sure the paint job stands up to being played with. I love the Fusion paint!


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