Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm naked!!!

Ok not really, but my nails are. I removed the last mani Tuesday, with the intention of doing a bright pink one with a glittery top coat. Well all went well until I added a layer of clear polish over top. The glittery layer and the clear layer reacted poorly.(As I've discovered they sometimes do. Seems not all polish formulas play nicely together!) The glittery layer actually shrank on my nails and looked like your fingers do after you soak in the bath or pool for too long! Not a good look. So I stripped it all off and added a fresh coat of base coat and called it a day. I planned on redoing it on Wednesday after grocery shopping. Unfortunately I managed to pull a muscle in my back out at the grocery store. Soooo For now my nails are au naturale. I must say though, they haven't looked this healthy in ages! They are a little thin though as over the last 3 weeks I've managed to split 3 different nails. So far I have saved them all using a super glue type nail glue and small pieces of single layer plain tissue. You simply brush the glue over the break and layer on a piece of tissue, let dry and repeat 1-3 more times. Let dry fully them file smooth. Maybe if I'm feeling better tomorrow I'll get a few coats of polish on my nails.

In the meantime, thankfully sitting at my desk isn't uncomfortable, so I have been working on the 1st of 2 loveseats for the dollhouse. I'm a little further alonger with it than these pics show, but not far enough to take more pics. Hopefully I should be able to do more tomorrow. These pieces are made from foam core, a this foam sheeting, fabric and wooden balls. I started with a basic pattern from Freida Gray's Dolls' House Furniture. This book is designed for 1/12th scale but many of the projects work really well for 1/6th scale. (with a few modifications for stability and play ability!) This 1st piece has gone together relatively easily and I figure the 2nd one should go together even faster! More pics to come tomorrow! =D


  1. That is a wonderful fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed chair.

  2. that is soooo funny !!! I used to do a trick like that with superglue and a small piece of teabag :) it's a little stronger than a tissue.
    LOVE the loveseat :)

  3. Well, that's one way to get out of grocery shopping, lol.

    LOVE the material you choose for the couch! Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. I've never heard of that tip for fixing your nails! I was just thinking yesterday that I was going to come over here and see what color your nails were-and they are naked! lol! The loveseat is looking fantastic so far- I love the fabric too! Have a super weekend Deborah!


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