Friday, April 8, 2011

A little something new...

I recently got back into doing my nails on a regular basis. No long acrylics, just a nice comfy length that still allows me to work with clay. I went on a bit of a polish buying spree a few weeks ago and wound up with about 90 polishes!!! So I'm going to start doing my nails atleast twice a week. (that way I can justify them! LOL) Some days it'll just be a simple paint job, but I also want to try doing some nail art too. So I'm going to try to add a Mani Of The Week (MOTW) feature to my blog!

This weeks mani is an awesome holographic polish from Sally Hansen in their Nail Prisms line called Pink Rose Diamond. (these are available on ebay) It's a pale rose color with an amazing color changing holographic quality. It goes on super smooth and covers well. It also looks awesome as a single coat over a dark polish too!


  1. I never polish my nails but I love the way it looks on others. It always looks so happy :)

  2. I'm lovin' having them painted again. Just fun and happy!

  3. very pretty!!! I can't stand my fingernails long so I hardly ever buy polish unless it's for my toes in the summer :) This would be a pretty toe nail polish color though since it's kind of neutral. What a fun feature Deborah!

  4. I do my toes too! Right now they are hot pink. This color would indeed be a great toe color because it's got alot of great 'flash' to it!


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