Sunday, April 10, 2011

MOTW and new phones

So today was a gorgeous day and we had intended to take the kids out bike riding. Instead we found ourselves drawn into a River Monsters marathon on Animal Planet. None of us fish (heck I don't even eat fish!) but this is an awesome show! So after watching about 3 hour long episodes we decided it was too hot to hit the park. (it had hit 90 degrees by noon!!!) The hubs and I decided to venture out to Verizon to trade in our old phones and switch over from T-Mobile. (With T-M, we barely got signal in our HOUSE!!!) My hubby got a Brigade which is a heavy duty phone. And with MY husband that's a good thing! LOL Me, well I went in intending to just get a simple phone. I mean I really don't use it for much other than making calls and texting...well needless to say I walked out with Droid 2!!!! Now I can take my 'computer' with me anywhere I go! I love the QWERTY keyboard and love that I can facebook and twitter from my phone. hmm I might even be able to blog from it!

After getting our new phones the hubs and I went used car shopping. While he was deployed we dropped down to just a single vehicle but now that he is home he needs one so that I can have transport to do things during the day while he's at work. We didn't find anything that we both liked that fit all our criteria. So we'll save that for another day. (although we do have a lead on a dealership a few hours from here that has some NICE looking cars on his lot)

After a dinner of slow cooked pork roast, brown rice and fruit, I removed the pink holographic polish from the other day. I had hubby look through my polish sample wheels and asked him to choose. (He's got a great eye for color!) He narrowed it down to 4 that he liked, 2 greens and 2 teals. He liked the teals just a bit more so I decided to go that route. Since my Sees-ter is wearing one of the 2 colors he picked on her toes I decided to go with the other one.

This polish is from a cute little set I found at TJ Maxx. It was 8 full size bottles of Goldie brand nail polish. My sister said this was a brand that Bath & Body Works used to sell and my research online confirms this. However B&BW no longer sells it and so far the only place I've been able to find it is online for RIDICULOUS prices! I think I paid about $8 for the SET in the store, but online they are selling it for around $30!!!! That to me is insane! My color today is a rich dark teal with a heavy metallic shimmer. While the shine is gorgeous without a top coat the amount of shimmer in it really requires one to have a smooth finish. honestly 2 coats of top coat would be better. The polish goes on really smoothly and 2 coats left me with a fantastic rich coverage!

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