Thursday, April 14, 2011


My youngest son picked out todays' mani. I have several nail polish sample wheels done up with all my polishes and I asked him to choose. One of the wheels is nothing but my pale and glitter polishes sampled over black. This was his choice. Sally Hansen Black Out (2 coats) topped with Northern Lights Hologram top coat. I bought mine at Sally Beauty Supply. I did use 5 coats of this as I wanted the holo effect to be rather strong. BUT this does look fantastic with just 2 coats! (I'm tempted to do a couple more coats just for grins and giggles just to see how holo I can go! =D)

Still no minis or Barbie work as we've been doing stuff here at home. I'm throwing my hubby a 'Welcome Home' BBQ on Saturday, but hopefully Monday I will be ready to dig into my crafty pursuits. In the meantime thanks for being patient and enjoying my manicure fun. Have a great weekend y'all!!!


  1. very pretty again!! Good choice by your son :)

  2. Thanks Kim, my husband and all 3 of my boys have a great eye for color! I actually added 2 more coats of the holo top coat to this to bump up the shine. I also added a pair of open daisy stickers to my ring fingers for a little fun twist!

  3. I'm liking this polish! Maybe for my next little project?
    Thanks for the tip about shrink plastic. I've never tried that but I think I will! Wonder if you can paint the plastic with polish?
    Why not? LOL

  4. Kathi this holographic top coat is fantastic!

    You probably could paint shrink plastic with nail polish but AFTER you shrink it..nail polish smells HORRIBLE when it's heated...yeah ask me how I know! lol


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