Saturday, April 23, 2011

MOTW and Yay...PROGESS!!!!

Last nights' mani was loads of fun. I used 3 coats of Cover Girls' Aglow Pink as my base. (over a coats of clear base coat of course!) Then I used my ball stylus to add dots in 6 more shades of pink. For the most part I am happy with this look, although I can't ever seem to start my manis' before 8pm, which means they aren't fully dry by the time we got to bed. They looked good this morning, but after using acetone to get the last bit of residue off the furniture to be painted( a bit more on that in a sec...) The tips look atrocious. Soooo I'll be repainting my nails here in just a bit.
After spending a few hours out this morning with my hubby, we came home to an empty house. My sister had 'stolen' our kiddos to take them swimming at her place. (yep I did know they were being stolen. ;-D) Hubs and I chilled for a bit, before I got to work masking off the parts of the Barbie furniture I didn't want to have to repaint. Then I laid down a nice big tarp and some newspaper and set to work with several cans of Krylon Fusion paint in white, hammered aluminum and cast iron. The kitchen island started life being deep fuschia, the first vanity (there is a 2nd one coming soon) was hot pink, and the pair of 4-poster beds which were pale pink out of the box are all now crisp satin white! YAY!!!
After the paint has cured for a day I will start on the detail work. (although I think a trip to the craft store is needed to pick up some model paints) On the kitchen island I masked off the 'countertop' which is a pretty flecked pink color.
The vanity has a nice black top to it and I decided to leave it that way. I repainted all 4 of the night stand tops white, but and thinking about repainting 2 of them black to match the vanity top. I also repainted the refrigerator from deep pink to hammered aluminum. I had originally intended to paint the interior white but yeah, um...I decided that 8yr old little girls aren't going to care that the inside is silver! lol Last on my To-Be-Painted List was the dining room set. I had planned on leaving them white when I bought them, but once I realized that the seats sat way to low, I figured out a way to raise the seats. However doing this was going to leave things looking a little rough, so I used the 'cast iron black' Fusion paint to repaint the chair bases (the seat cushions are getting black sateen covers) and the table base. The also got left unpainted as it is grey with flecks in it so it looks like granite. (btw here is a link so you can see what some of the pieces originally looked like!)


  1. happy polka dots!
    you BTW, have a lot more patience than I!!!

  2. I loved the polka dots and there WILL be more!

  3. I love the polka dots- I think it's my second fave after that butterfly mani :) I'm excited to see the project progressing! I tried painting some barbie furniture once and failed miserably- did you sand the pieces a bit first?

  4. Thanks Kim, the dots are a blast to do!
    No I didn't sand them, I used Krylon Fusion paint, which is designs to bond with plastics. What's cool is that even just 2 days into the 7 days it takes this paint to FULLY bond, the paint doesn't scratch off! I'll be taking more detailed pictures as I get each piece finished!


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