Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cherry love and a 'finished' outfit

I LOVE cherries! They are one of my favorite fruits. Here in the last few weeks they have been on sale at the stores for between $2 and 3 dollars a pound. That's pretty good! So we have been eating a ton of fresh cherries with our meals. (and me as a snack. =D) Well last night I was enjoying my snack and happened to look down before popping this cherry in my mouth. And lo and behold this was what I saw! I KNEW I had to take a picture and share it!

I spent 2 days working on this top to go with my Round and ROund We Go skirt. I found this great deep rose colored material that was a dream to work with. Although the pattern needed editing a bit, I love this top! However... not with this skirt. While the deep rose of the top goes perfectly with the pinks in the skirt, there just isn't enough of those pinks on the front of the skirt. To me it looks weird. So I am going to try again with either a pale blue or a yellow-leaning green material. AND I will be making a 2nd skirt in the circular material, this time making sure that the pink part is front and center! =D

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  1. Love cherries also, we have a tree and every June its a battle between me and the pidgeons to who gets the cherries first!

    Add a yellow trim to the top may balance it up a little. Or yellow accessories.

    All the best Sue


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