Saturday, July 2, 2011

Onto Day 2 of our vacation... (lots of pics)

Well shock of all shocks Thursday morning broke to what but more pouring rain!!! We were up and putting up the jacks on the trailer by 7am and on the road by 7;30. While a small part of me wished we had been able to stay longer at Vogel, (it truly was beautiful) my saner brain knew that the rain would've made us all miserable! We headed off down the road and stopped for gas at a station/shop called Booger Hollow, I swear only in the South!!! LOL
After a bit of soggy driving we crossed into North Carlina for about 30 miles. (did I catch the Welcome to... sign, nope I missed it! LOL) The 'big' town we drove through in NC had several charming antigue/junk shops I would've loved to check out but alas not in the cards.
We continued driving and crossed into Tennessee. Our plan had been to drive on to the TN-Kentucky border before stopping, but Donnie was still wiped out and a bout of car sickness from our youngest (note to self, NO orange juice for little man on car trips!!!) had us deciding to cut this leg short by about an hour. The rain thankfully let up as we headed into the Tennessee mountains...It was very evident why they call them the Smoky Mountains. We ended up stopping at a family run campground about an hour south of the border. While it was nice we did experience a power outage for much of the time we were there.
The boys were bummed since the power was out they had closed the pool. :-( BUT the power came back on and we were not only able to play at the pool for a few hours, but watch a movie after dinner as well. The power went back out during another deluge of rain. Now me personally I was truly dreading trying to sleep as I am very used to having a fan on, and with the pouring rain it wasn't a good idea to leave the windows open. Thankfully the power was back on before we headed to bed and stayed on long enough for me to fall asleep. I'm not sure how long it stayed on as when we got up in the morning it was off again. No matter though as we were on the road by 7am again. (more pics from our trip are being added to my Flickr page HERE)

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  1. Rain Rain Go Away! Hope you find better weather ahead. Thank for sharing your trip. :D


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