Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Woohoo, anouther outfit nearly done!

Well I have started on tops to go with the 3 skirts I finished last week. I think the one that I thought was going to challenge me the most was the pale lilac skirt. It's a rather unusual shade of purple. I lucked out with the lace and hoenstly didn't expect to be so lucky with fabric for a top, BUT I opened my box of purple swatches and right there it was on top and begging to be used. It's a pale shimmery lilac satin-y type material. It actually came from a friends formal gown she asked me to shorten for her a few years back. It's PERFECT! Thankfully there is a bit more of this fabric as I want to make her daughter dolls each an outfit using Mommy's fabric! =D I still need to add a few accessories to complete this outfit though. I am thinking about a purple accented silver necklace and a silver purse!

Next on the sewing line is a deep rose colored top to go with my Round & Round We Go skirt. Although I am thinking that the cut of this top will actually cover up the majority of the deep pink at the top of the skirt, So I might save it for another use and make either a teal or lime green top instead. We shall see once it's finished though! ;-)

No new nails today as the mani I did earlier is holding up amazingly wear. There is no chipping and very very little tip wear, which is awesome! That said I will probably change my polish today or tomorrow, so look for new colors coming soon!

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