Saturday, July 16, 2011


Earlier this month I order a batch of Spectraflair holographic pigment powder. This was originally designed for custom car painting, but some industrious nail artists discovered you can mix it with nail polish to make custom holographic colors! Since I missed out on many of the original awesome holo polishes I figured hmmm, $18 for a gram of this stuff, which will make about 9 bottles of custom polish was better than paying between $8 and $20 a bottle for the holos I missed. When my powder arrived I knew I HAD to play with it. I broke out a deep purple polish, some clear and the powder. I chose purple since I didn't have a purple holo already. You basically mix half and half clear and color and then add about 1/8th of a teaspoon of the pigment powder. Shake it all up really good and swatch it.
Keep adding drops of color or clear until the color and holo shimmer are perfect. The only downside to the powder is that it is silver in color so you won't be able to get a crisp color say a red, you end up with more of a muted frosty looking color. Which in my book is fine! =D I ended up mixing up 3 colors, purple, fuschia and a silver (which was actually just clear and the powder) I am planning to order some empty polish bottles as well as other things for making my own custom nail polishes and well I can't wait! =D I'm currently wearing my pink holo polish...any thoughts on a name? The color in the bottle is closer to the actual color of the polish. it's grey and rainy out so I'm trying to make do with my indoor lighting. lol


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  2. Check out my Glitter Supplier page because, if you're interested, there is a company towards the bottom that also sells automotive pigments.


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