Monday, July 25, 2011

MOTW and time for change...

So here I am again, it's Monday and well life is what it is. Feeling kinda blah today, but I will explain that in a minute. For today's mani I have another holo polish. This time it is Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Golden Tourmaline. This is a gorgeous candy apple red with a great gold shimmer and subtle holographic quality. I decided to do my accent nail in Romantic Blossom also by Sally Hansen. RB is a rich brownish red creme finish. I accented each ring finger with 2 hearts done in Golden Tourmaline. I am super happy with this mani. It makes me smile and that's a good thing!

On to changes and feeling blah. I mentioned a few posts back that my husband is gone to Recruiter school, we were hoping to get an assignment in Texas. We found out right away that, that wasn't gonna happen. Some of the places where we could wind up were Los Angeles (um no, don't wanna live there) NY (not keen on this at all either) Maine (um really 0_o) Tampa (urgh not really into big towns) Montana (eeep winters there, I shudder to think) and South Carolina. So needless to say we were really really really hoping for South Carolina. We we got our general assignment today. We are headed to New York. Can't say I'm thrilled, BUT on the good side we are headed to the Albany area as opposed to NYC like we both feared. It turns out the Albany area includes Connecticut, Massachusets, Vermont and Northern New Jersey too. Sooo it's not nearly as bad as we thought, but I'm not looking forward to going from GA (hardly ever snows) to WINTER!!! But our kids are super excited and even eager to shovel the stuff. (we shall see how long THAT lasts! lol) So over the next 2 months I will be cleaning, sorting and packing as much of our home as possible. Nine years worth of belongings for 5 people seems like a daunting task! *sigh*

But we are definitely ready for a change and I have heard this area is lovely. While I will bitch and moan, I really am an adaptable person and really do look forward to this newest chapter in our life!

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  1. Good luck in NY! If you visit NYC, let me know and I can tell you lots of fun polish hotspots :)


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