Monday, August 26, 2013

A project, cookies and a little tiff...

Hey Y'all it's Lena.  Mom's been working pretty hard on a really cool project for a friend of hers so I'm blogging tonight.  Sorry I was going to do it last night, but we ended up watching a couple movies last night instead.

This is one third of the project that's keeping Mom busy.  She is recreating a set of Harry Potter book ends...but on a small scale.  The full size set belongs to her friend's daughter, who is getting married soon. Her mom wants a small set for her display cabinet so that she has it to remember all the fun she and her daughter had reading the books and watching the movies together! (awwww isn't that so sweet! <3 p="">
*Hey guys, it's me Deb, figured I'd take over for Lena and tell you about this fantastic commission I'm almost finished with.  My dear friend asked me to make this set for her and it's been a really neat project.  On this side of the book-ends I still need to antique it and add a few more painted details, but this one it pretty much done.
The other half is a set of 4 books. The top book is a Magic textbook and includes the Hogwarts crest... the crest is barely half an inch across, but I'm super happy with it!  My plan is to have them all painted tomorrow so Lena and I can show them off hopefully tomorrow night! :-)  The last thing I have to make for this project is a set of the actual books to go between the book-ends!

Lena here, so about those cookies and that little tiff... well Mom made us some fresh chocolate chunk cookies and I smelled them all the way down on the desk and just had to get a couple. When I got the the kitchen Abbey and Nance were already there.  Abbey asked me to grab the milk from the fridge, because nothing goes better with fresh cookies than a nice tall glass of milk!  So I went to grab it and well it slipped out of my hand and fell... I'd like to say that it just spilled and that was the end of it.  But no, you see there is a gap in the floor and wouldn't you know the darned jug fell right down behind the cabinet our kitchen sits on!!! Mom said it wasn't a big deal, in a couple days she'll move the cabinet and fetch it for us. But Abbey got rather cranky and said that I couldn't have any! 
Hot fresh chocolate chunk cookies!!!

I told her she was out of her mind and that if Mom wasn't mad then she had no right to be mad either.  You know for as sweet and polite as Abbey is, well she's got a temper!

Nance wasn't much help, she just stood there worrying the ends of her braid.  (Yeah she decided to try out a new wig too.  She likes it, but says it's really long and not really practical unless it's braided.)  She whispered that Abbey wasn't feeling like herself.  Hmm I wonder if it's her new wig!  I'll tell you, she just doesn't look like herself without her pigtails!

Needless to say I grabbed my kitten, Scamp and a couple cookies and headed back down to the parlor on mom's desk.

Oh yeah I totally heard Abbey muttering and complaining to Nance, that I am spoiled and get all the good stuff and that Mom likes me better.

I won't deny that a little grin slid across my lips as I hopped back down to my usual spot!

It's me again.  It's funny how wigs can totally change a dolls personality!!!  (And yes the girls milk jug did indeed fall down behind the cabinet, not really looking forward to having to move that big thing out of the way to retrieve it! *sigh*  I bought these 2 wigs for Abbey and Nance when I bought Lena's wigs.  And while Lena seems to be able to pull off almost every color and style wig I've tried, Abbey just doesn't look right to me.  So I guess this wig will get put aside for now.  Nance like the colors of her new wig, it's a deep red with carrot orange on the underside.  But it is really long and it just all over the place if it's not in a braid. So both girls will most likely be back in their original wigs tomorrow.  Hmm I should probably put them in some new outfits too.  Lena's had 3 different outfits in the last week, and these 2 have been in the same clothes for several WEEKS now. Ooops :-( 
I probably need to address the jealousy issues too... but it's going to be tough to do and not hurt anyone's feelings. Because in some small ways, Abbey is right.  Lena IS spoiled and in some ways I do like her more, because she is just so much more poseable than Abbey or Nance, therefore so much more expressive.

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