Saturday, August 31, 2013

Snack time!

Some of my favorite things to sculpt are snack foods...a few posts ago I showed you the chocolate chips cookies I made.  Yesterday's post was starting to get kind of long so I decided to hold off on the other snacks I made until today.

For a while now I've been making potato chips in 1:6th scale for Barbie and Monster High dolls, but I wanted to make them in 1:4 scale as well.  I sat done one day and made a bowl full.  AND I finally found a good use for the huge amount of supposedly Barbie sized bowls I have.  They make perfect snack sized bowls for the 16" crowd!

Lena and the rest of the girls are thrilled to have some salty crispy snacks to munch on.  Hmmm I seem to be hearing a lot of clamoring for a TV... Demanding little things these dolls are! LOL

Potato chips are one of those polymer clay projects where fingerprints are actually a GOOD thing!  I use a blend of translucent clay and white and punch small circles, which I then flatten into VERY thin chips.  I then toss them in a small jar with several colors of chalk to get their color.  I carefully remove them with my tweezers and gently shape them. Some I leave flat but more often than not they get some kind of a curl in them. I think they look MUCH more realistic that way.  After they are baked I brush off the extra chalk.

In this bowl all of the chips are glued down, but when I list them in my shop I will add a couple extra chips loose, that way my customers can use them in various scenes.

Now I love chips, but I KNOW that they aren't exactly the healthiest option for a crunchy snack, so I decided to sculpt up another favorite treat in my house: CARROTS!!!  My children LOVE them and I do too!  I started off by making a cane from polymer clay with a pale-ish orange in the center surrounded by a darker orange.  that way I could use the same cane for making not only whole carrots but sticks and slices too!

I cut and shaped each carrot before dusting them with a little bit of several orange/yellow chalks.  Each carrot is around 1.25 inches long (without the greenery). I then baked them, once that was done I took the back of my craft knife and little scored various places on the carrot in short horizontal stroke to just add a bit more dimension to them.

My next job was coming up with a way to make the green tops as I had someone specifically ask for farm fresh produce.  I did quite a bit of research online and thought about sculpting the leaves from clay, but I was concerned about the fragility of doing that.  I found some tutorials that used string; that just didn't look right to me. I even say some that used dried florals: but those either didn't look right or again I was worried about them being fragile.
Then I stumbled upon a website that talked about glycerin preserving for flowers and leaves.  Curing the floral material in a glycerin solution preserves the color AND the flexibility!!! 

After 3 different shops I finally found a bottle and came home to scout for the perfect foliage.  I found it in the weed you see in the above picture.  Sadly at this point I cannot seem to find any more of it, but I WILL be looking. I ended up with enough to do about 15 carrots.  I am ridiculously happy with the way they turned out!


  1. Wow, those look great. It amazes my how you have the patience to do minis. They look yummy.

  2. Thanks Brini! Making minis keeps my sane! I love the challenge of making things as realistic as I possibly can!


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