Friday, August 30, 2013

Goings on from the last few days

I've been working pretty steadily the last few days, and enjoying my quiet days at home once again.  Our boys started school again this past Thursday!  It seems crazy to think that our younger 2 boys are now in 3rd and 7th grades!!!  Where on earth has the time gone?  My babies aren't babies any more, heck it's wild realizing that our oldest has been out of school for over a year now and on his own for several months now. *realizing you are getting old, sucks. :-( *

One of the things I have finished is the set of Harry Potter book ends.  The sculptures themselves are finished, and I'll be finishing the 7 books tomorrow. I had so much fun sculpting these pieces!  They have raised details, sunken lettering, and hand painted details as well!   They definitely challenged me, but I was happy to make them!

While I'm making the books for this set I will also be making a few sets in smaller sizes for 16" 1:4 scale dolls, as well as 9-12" 1:6th scale dolls like Barbie and Monster High too.

I actually managed to get a couple of my Monster High girls outside for an impromptu photo shoot earlier in the week.  I started a group on Flickr back in January to help myself and other MH fans to take more pictures.  There are some amazing photographers in this group. Monster High Weekly Photographs Group Although I am a bit ashamed to say that I've fallen WAY behind in my own group.

But last week's theme was FAMILY... so I gathered my DeNile sisters and took them outside.  On the left is Cleo, the middle sister. In the middle is Layla, the baby of the DeNile family. (This is actually a standard Cleo head that I have transplanted onto a shorter Howleen Wolf body. =D)  And on the right is my personal favorite DeNile sister: Nefera!

 About 2 weeks ago I got an order in my shop for some resin drinks.  I was out of that particular item, so I mixed up another small batch and filled a bunch of various sized glasses including some that I thought would work out well for my 16" 1:4 scale crew.

Turns out I was right!  Lena needed something to drink with her cookies since the milk is still behind the cabinet. LOL  I made several different varieties of wine/juice and tea and I will be listing them in my shop next week. 

I do still have some empty glasses as well, so I can make custom drinks as well!

Here is just another shot from a different angle.  

I was playing around with some of the extra pics I took, and got this great shot of Lena's eyelashes.  That was the last thing she needed to be complete.  I found a box of fake eyelashes I bought several years ago after Halloween...I'm not even sure why I bought them, but I'm glad I did.  It's very hard to see in the pictures but there are actually small clusters of blue and purple lashes too!

I decided to swap her back to her turquoise 'contacts' for a while, because the color is just so vivid!  The only thing I dislike about them is that they have a very high and pointy clear layer over the iris, which can sometimes look odd in pictures.  I would like to try and find her a pair of glass ones that have this same vividness.  Although I am tempted to play around with these and file them smooth and give them a new lightly rounded coat of resin instead.  Because if that works, then I will keep them and not have to spend any more money. 

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