Friday, August 23, 2013

Howdy Folks!

Hi Everyone, this is Lena!  Since Mom has a hard time keeping up with blog posts I thought I would help her out!  Especially since she got me and the girls a laptop to share!  Mom took pictures while I opened it up, so I guess my first blog post will be about our new laptop!


I was really excited when Mom said there was a package.  (I feel kind of bad that Abbie, Nance and Lily weren't able to help open it, but there are perks to being the most poseable! )

The box was pretty good sized and kind of heavy too.  There was a picture on the front but I couldn't really tell what it was.  The box said MirrorBook Air.  I was at a loss.

So I carefully started to open the box and imagine my surprise to find a LAPTOP!!!  Our very own laptop for the 4 of us to share!  (For now, Mom said she got a really great deal on it, so we will probably each get one soon!

It's got a huge monitor and lots of memory so we'll be able to play games and do photo editing and all those fun things!
 I told Mom that since she is often busy with sculpting or sewing or doing family stuff that us girls can help with blog posts every now and again.  (Maybe that way the blog might even get back to being a Daily Dish like she originally intended!)  I know she is pretty busy right now with lots of commissions, but at some point she really does plan on getting new things listed for sale in her Etsy shop!

So there will hopefully be lots of new neat things coming soon!

Oh hey Mom wants to say actually blog! *snickers*  Later y'all!

Hi guys it's me Deb!  Yep I found the coolest 1:4 scale laptop for my girls on ebay!  (Search Macbook Mirror)  They are really inexpensive and come in several colors!

The pic of the ring is mine. ;-)  About a year about the band of my engagement ring cracked.  I thought it would be expensive to fix and at the time we just didn't have the extra money so I tucked it away safely and just wore the matching band.  Well I finally decided enough was enough and decided to find out how much it would cost to fix it. (I also at the time didn't realize that a WHOLE year and gone by, and of course once I did I felt horrible!) Needless to say the repair was ridiculously inexpensive and to make a long-ish story short, my wedding set is fixed and finally back where it belongs!!! My husband picked it up on his was home from work this past Wednesday.  AND the wonderful romantic man that he is, even got down on one knee to put it back on my hand!!!  After nearly 15 years together he still makes my heart all fluttery! <3 br="">

I'm in the middle of a large-ish project right now, and needed a break yesterday. So I decided  to play Dr. Frankenstein with my Monster High dolls!  (Seems kind of fitting actually. lol) On of the few things I dislike about these dolls is that a couple of the characters are taller than they should be. One in particular really bugs me.  So I got to thinking: what if I hacked out a portion of her thighs and reglued her together so she'd be the height she is 'supposed' to be.  I remembered I have this pink cat girl that I had planned on selling. So I used her to practice one.  She started out the same height as the green gal.  I had wanted her to be closer to the height of the purple gal.  I didn't quite get there but I know that the process pretty much works!

Of course within minutes of hacking her legs up I realized that regular glue or even super glue wasn't going to be enough to hold solidly. *facepalm* Doh!  So while the boys and I were out school shopping I picked up some 2 part epoxy putty and she is currently curing.  Next week I'll sand her smooth and hopefully be able to share a few 'finished' pics.

This second picture was my reference, the girl I ultimately want to shorten should just come up to the guys shoulders, so I will need to shorten that doll a bit more.  On that one I think I will end up removing a section of her thighs AND her calves as well.  that should get her the height I want and make her a bit more proportionate.   The cat girl, has very short thighs and REALLY long legs! LOL

One the kitty I'll also be permanently adhering her ears down as well!

Well folks, thanks for visiting with Lena and me!  Hopefully one of us will post a bit more frequently now that we both have laptops!:-)


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  1. I'm a lousy blogger too, so I understand. Still, great to see you in my 'in box' every now and again :D


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