Monday, August 19, 2013

Just a little Lena spam

I don't really have much of anything new to show y'all right now, so I figured I'd share some pictures of Lena in a couple new wigs she got and the start of the eat-in kitchen I am creating for her and my other 16" girls.

This is the wig I've dubbed the "Cotton Candy" wig.  It's a lovely mix of pale blue, pink and lilac.  The wig is really well made... possibly even a bit TOO well made, truth be told.  It was very thick and very long!!!  (the original wig is in a picture below)  I debated for about 2 days as to whether I should trim it or just leave be.  Well I decided to go ahead and play with it.  The first thing I did was trim out several layers of wefting (the sewn together strings of hair) to make the wig a bit thinner. The I cut off about 4 inches from the bottom of the wig, bringing it up to mid-back level.  The last thing I did was cut the long front pieces into proper bangs.  That bit of hair originally came down past her chin!!!

Lena and I are both very happy with the new look! 

Last week, my sons wanted to go for a hike in the woods near our house, so we got our hiking shoes on and headed out.  Of course Lena wanted to go too, so she changed into this outfit and we headed out.  Because of all the rain we've had lately there were tons of mushrooms growing all over.  I took loads of pictures of them.  (I'll be adding them to my flickr soon!)

This picture was taken at the base of one of the LookOut Towers in the woods.  Lena was looking carefully over the edge and realizing just how far down it was!

In this pic Lena is not very happy about being put into this's just too floofy for her... Hmmm seems she is more of a tom-boy than I imagined.  In the background are Abbey (my Ellowyne Wilde) and Nance (a Delilah Noir)

The girls were hanging out in the kitchen diorama I am starting.  The kitchen fixtures are from Target's Our Generation line of 18" American Girl style dolls.

The table on the right was made by me, but I still need to finish painting it. I wanted it to me more like bar height, rather than standard table. My plan is to create a couple of barstools for it as well!

Here is Lena feeling MUCH more comfortable!  Nothing like a t-shirt and a comfy pair of yoga pants!

In this pic and the ones above and below you can see just how long the Cotton Candy wig was before I trimmed it!

Lena looks for a snack...

The last picture below is Lena's rainbow wig!  I LOVE this one, it's so much fun!  It is also very long, but I haven't yet decided if I am going to leave it full length or trim it up like I did the cotton candy one.

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