Monday, March 8, 2010

Another beautiful day!

Well I did indeed manage to cross off the 1st thing on my to-do list. I got hubby's side of the garage cleared out so he could actually park his car in it. After 3 years we finally have a running car 'living' in our garage! =D

I am also making strides on my swap projects. I spent about 2 hours this morning mixing, rolling and cutting translucent clays for miniature jelly beans. OMG they are TINY!!!! I am wondering if any one has any idea on how to make clear plastic bags for mini foods? Or a source to buy them from???

Since hubby's car is running again I have mine back. So I took advantage of it and headed off to Hobby Lobby! I was hoping to find some small bunny beads or charms. (No luck there) but I did find some clearance paint, some mini eggs for making 'chocolate' eggs, and geez I can't even remember what else. But needless to say I truly enjoyed my day out shopping.

Tomorrow is gonna be another busy day...more mini-ing in the morning, then lunch with a dear friend, and then an evenign meeting.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and I wish you all a great Tuesday!!!


  1. woo hoo for clicking things off that to do list!! Have a great day Deborah!!!

    PS- Thank you for the link of the dremel tips!!! I am thinking I really need more toys to play with and it's gotta be easier than doing it by hand once you get used to the tool, right? You rock!

  2. Yeppers I LIKE clicking things off my Lists. You are more than welcome on the link...but be warned...Fire Mountain can become ADDICTIVE!!!! lol

  3. Hi Deborah! I finally figured out that your blog wasn't on my following list. I added it today. :(
    I could see your posts in Google reader but didn't get all of your updates. It's fixed now!!!
    Sounds like you had a busy week! You gonna show us those jelly beans????


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