Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lacie WIP update

I have decided that my Lacie will be rather scantily dressed, so I took my porcelain figure and filled her in (except her arms, I'd like them to move)with Super Sculpey clay. Then I played 'plastic surgeon' Lacie got a boob job and a tush lift. Next she will get a coat of paint to even out her 'skin-tone' As unfortunately Super Sculpey blends in perfectly when raw but darkens noticeably when baked. I think I need to play around with some mixes to see if I can find one that bakes to match the porcelain. But any ways here she is in all her glory. oh yeah and she's running around in the buff. (But then again if Tessie is right Lacie won't be cognizant of anything until she is dressed and wigged anyway.)

I have also discovered the need for buying good quality dolls from a reputable dealer. Lacie was bought on ebay for a really good price. Maybe too good a price. I have noticed that she is rather 'rough' nor smooth and clean like Orah or Giselle were. So from now on I will stick to dealers I know even if the prices are higher. I think this is one of those times where you get what you pay for. Even still the roughest areas will actually be covered so it'll be ok! =D


  1. Lacie looks like she has a tan in all the wrong places! LOL
    Love the boob job! :)

  2. Ah ha ha Kathi :)
    If you add some white to the flesh color it might not darken as much but I've never tried ... let us know what you find out !!!

  3. can't wait to see more- Kathi's comment made me LOL!!

  4. Kathi, that's too funny! Ban, I'm, gonna try adding adding some white. I'm hoping to make up a little 'mixing' chart, that way if the porcelains are different I know what ratio to mix!
    Kim she made me laugh too! =D I'm not sure if I'll get to painting her this weekend or next week but I'll be sure to share!


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