Thursday, March 25, 2010

Books 21, 22 and 23

No I have not read 3 books in 2 days...I actually read books 22 and 23 several weeks ago, and just finished 21 about 2 days ago. These last 3 books were read a bit out of order. Book 13 was the last book I read in Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series I discovered after reading Book 13, that I was missing the next book in the series. No one locally had it, so I did something I normally hate doing. I skipped it, while waiting for it to arrive! Now the nice thing about that is that although these books are all part of a larger series, they are each pretty easy to read as stand alones. But I am going to review them in the order they should be read.

Book 21 is Caressed by Ice Judd Lauren is a Psy Arrow, part of a covert team of Psy Assasins. But Judd dropped out of the PsyNet with his brother and his nieces and nephew to escape Silence. SnowDancer(the wolf changling pack) has given sanctuary to the Lauren family. Brenna is a wolf changeling, who was kidnapped and tortured by a Psy sociopath. (during Book 13) Though physically healed, Brenna is acting more Psy than Changeling and that scares the heck out of her. The only one she feels can understand her torment and help her is Judd. She knows he is dangerous, but she is strangely attracted to that danger. Judd can't afford to feel anything for Brenna, not only would the Psy Council discover that he isn't actually dead like they think, but Judd could literally kill Brenna with an errant thought.

Book 22 is Mine to Posess Clay Bennet is a Leopard changeling, a sentinel in the DarkRiver pack. But he didn't always belong...Clay grew up with his human mother, who hated his Changeling nature, trying to please her he stifled that part of himself. Talin was his best friend, the sweet little girl in an apartment down the hall. Tally grew up in foster care and Clay was the best thing in her young life. He made her laugh, and made her feel safe. Until the day she confided in him about her foster father's abuse. Clay's Leopard went crazy at the thought of his little Tally enduring the evil. Blood flowed that day...and innocence was shattered even more than it had been at the hands of those supposed to care for her. Clay spent years in a Juvenile detention center, not at all sorry for killing the man that day. But part of him died the day he was told that Talin had been killed in a car accident.

Talin McKade may have gotten past the nightmares of her childhood, but now a new terror threatens her sanity. Talin works for social services and the children under her care are starting to disappear and reappear dead. She knows there is only one man she trusts enough to help her...the only trouble is Clay thinks she is dead!!!

Once over the shock of seeing his long dead friend not only alive and well, but begging for his help...can Clay get over the lies, and can Talin convince him that they need each other again.

Book 23 is Hostage to Pleasure Dorian Christensen is a DarkRiver sentinel, he is also the only Changeling without the ability to shift but he has never seen himself as 'different' nor do his Pack members. Dorian may not be able to fight with teeth and claws, but he made up for that by becoming an expert marksman. Ashaya Aleine is a Psy scientist, she is different from most other Psy as she feels. Silence was never fully took with her, but her shields are strong enough that only 1 other person knows that. Forced to work on a secret project for the Psy Council, they hold Ashaya's son as collateral. In Mine to Posess Ashaya helps Clay, Talin and the DarkRiver pack, but with a stipulation...they must rescue her son from the Psy Council and keep him safe! Changelings are very protective of cubs and children, so they easily agree. Now that her son is safe Ashaya must discover a way to stop the very project she is directing.
Dorian hates Psy! There are no 2 ways about it. (in Book 13 His sister is kidnapped by the same sociapath as Brenna, unfortunately Kylie doesn't survive.) So imagine his surprise and anger when his dormant leopard recognizes Ashaya as his mate!


  1. there wouldn't be any reason why you read books that have a big hunk with great biceps showing thru his open shirt, would there? LOL

  2. Oh no!!! You figured out my secret!!! LOL I LOVE me some sculpted arms! A sexy well muscled pair of arms just sets me all a quiver! ;-) And oooh those washboard abs are just too darned sexy! =D

  3. don't forget strong shoulders ...

  4. oooh yes...give me a strong sculpted upper body and I am putty! =D


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