Sunday, March 14, 2010

Orah's new hat

I was lucky enough to 'win' a trade with Kat the Hat Lady. She made this fantastic cream Mad Hatter-style top hat. I sent her a stash of trims! I am so excited and so is Orah! She just adores her new chapeau. ;-) In the second picture is the plain black hat I commisioned Kat to make for me. This one I will decorate to go with my next doll design. (it's a secret!heeheehee) But hopefully I'll get to her shortly! (I just need to remember where I put my stash of doll blanks!!! LOL) I am so very thrilled to own not one but two of Kats' fantastic hats. I do hope you will check out her blog and see more of her amazing work!


  1. What a wonderful hat! I have promised Joanna, 10, that in addition to working on wiring her dollhouse during her spring break week after next that we will go see Alice in Wonderland.


  2. Jody, isn't it just fantastic! My sister and oldest son went to see Alice and both LOVED it. I haven't gone yet, and honestly will probably wait until it comes out on video. But I AM looking forward to seeing it!


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