Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring IS coming!!!!

I just know it is...going to get the mail yesterday I noticed that a couple of my hyacinth are coming up...some even have some 'stunted' flower stalked on them! Yeah love my flowers!!!! I found buds on my roses, and daffodil & lily leaves pushing up too!!! =D I need some warm(er) weekends/days so I can get out there and weed like crazy, before laying down fresh mulch. I want to add more flowers this year too, and maybe actually keep up with them too! lol
I think i want to plant some more veggies this year too...I usually do atleast 1 cherry tomato plant,but I think this year I will pull out all my giant pots and add some other veggies too. oooh and I want to get some of those hanging strawberry bags too!!! mmmmm fresh strawberries!


  1. Good for you, dear! I can see you smile in this post. :)

  2. Your hyacinth is so pretty! Hope you have lots and lots of SPRING flowers to enjoy soon!

  3. you sound just like me- I have all the seed catalogs piled around my chair in the living room planning and planning :) Unfortunately, here in Minnesota I still have a bit of a wait to see any buds forming- so feel free to post as many spring pictures as you want! I wish my computer had smell-o-rama!!mmmmmmmm...hyacinths :)

  4. Thanks Dale...I certainly have been smiling! =D
    Kathi I hope so too! There are about a dozen hyacinth all together, a huge bunch of daffs, and of course my 3 roses...oooh plus lilies for later in the summer, oooh and tons of marigolds and pansies too!
    You know Kim I didn't even think to get down and SMELL them...silly me, must remedy that! =D


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