Monday, March 22, 2010

Little bit of life and Books 18 through 20 of 100

Been a while since I posted. Sorry about that. :-( Life has been kind of chaotic. Hubby is heading out next month for another deployment to the Middle East. He'll be gone for a year. So we have been trying to get all his stuff in order and spend some quality time together too. We'll be taking a few little day trips around town and the local area while he's on his vacation. So I am sure I'll have some pics and stuff about that later.

Well now, back to the books...Book 18 was the start of Frank Beddor's Looking Glass Warstrilogy. Book 19 is Seeing Redd Redd Heart leapt through the Heart Crystal out of Wonderland into Victorian London. While Alyss tries to learn just what her imaginiation can do and also the ins and outs of being Queen. King Arch of Boarderland has his own agenda. he's not happy ruling Boarderland...he wants all of Wonderland and has a plan to accomplish just such a thing.

Book 19 is ArchEnemy is the final book in the Looking Glass Wars trilogy. Arch has accomplished his diabolical scheme and has taken control of Wonderland. Alyss and Redd are forced to work together to save Imagination.

If you enjoy the Alice in Wonderland tale, I really do recommend this series as well


  1. Heard so many mixed things about this series but I'm curious enough to try the first one ... someday ;) Never read the original.
    Prayers go out to your husband - tell him my family thanks him from the bottom of our hearts!!!

  2. You have to read it with an open mind...remebering that this is a "What if...?" type story. What if...Alice didn't fall THROUGH the looking glass INTO wonderland, but instead she fell OUT OF wonderland. My oldest is re-reading the 1st book now, but I'd be happy to lend you the book when he's done if you are interested. =D
    Thanks Ban, he appreciates the support and so do I! {{{hugs}}}

  3. I will pray your husband will be safe over there and please thank him for his service. I don't get to read much but when I do, I don't read so much as absorb a book. I read The Lovely Bones (yes, last one in the nation to do so, apparently) last week over night and into the morning. Very sad. I most likely won't get to read these but they do look interesting.


  4. Thank you Jody, your prayers mean alot!
    I actually haven't read The Lovely Bones, and honestly most likely will not. Reading is my escape, and therefore I much prefer to keep my reading material 'light' so to speak. There is talk of a Looking Glass Wars movie in the works! I am truly hoping that it comes to fruition. Take care! =D


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