Sunday, March 7, 2010 was a good day!!!

Let's see, the sun was shining, and it was um...not quite warm, but not cold either! Hubby and I got our new memory foam queen bed this morning, (OMG it is sooo comfortable to lay on, I can't wait to SLEEP in it! =D) and we discovered why our convertible wasn't working. (completely totally utterly DEAD battery and blown fuse...easy fixes! YEAH! This means I get my van back and can now go places!!!) We also got rid of the pick-up truck that has been sitting in the garage for 3 years!!! (it was a 'classic' 81 Chevy C-10, hubby bought it 5 years ago as a 'project' truck. But due to deployments and his work schedule he just never got around to actually working on it.) A friend of our was looking for a 'project' truck too and we gladly let him take it home!!! AND, AND, AND...I made MINIs today too!!!! De over at De-lightful Minis showed off the adorable little Easter baskets she made from Aida cloth, embroidery floss, and a woodsie. I knew they would be perfect for a swap I am working on. So I made these little guys. There are 8 of them so far and right now mine are just round, but I have a HUGE bag of woodsies and will absolutely be making more!!! I made my baskets with white 28 count Aida and actually pulled out some of the threads from the roll to braid for the trim. I used thin white satin ribbon for the handles. I wanted 'grass' in mine and couldn't figure out what to use that would be 'in-scale'. :-( *lightbulb* THEN I remembered that satin/rayon rat tail cording is made up of tons of thin fibers...and it unravels pretty easily. So I spent some time fraying a bunch of different colors. I cut each piece into about 1.5 inch chunks. Then I made sure the fibers were seperate before rubbing the bundle in my palms to 'ball' it all up. Some tacky glue in the bottom of the basket and TADA Easter grass!!!!
Orah has claimed the one with the deep purple grass for herself...atleast until I make her one with GOLD grass! LOL

My other awesome 'make' today is Orah's new wooden spoon and spatula set! Yepper I made them myself from strip of large popsicle stick/tongue depressor! I split it in half and made rough sketches onto the wood based off the bamboo utensils in my own kitchen. I did some rough knife work for the basic shape and them used my trusty dremel to 'prefect' them...the spoon was carved out using a ball tip. I want to give them a very light stain and then seal them! I am freakin' excited about these 2 tiny pieces of wood! lol


  1. Pretty little Easter baskets! I love them. And what a clever idea on the grass. Also love the spoon and spatula. I find I 'over-think' some things in miniature and sometimes the simplest everyday items will make the neatest things!


  2. Very cute! And the grass is perfect! Now, what is it that you used for the grass? Some rayon cord? I am not familiar with it.
    Thanks, Jonna

  3. I'm excited about your spoon and spatula too! Great job! :D
    Love the Easter grass too!

  4. Wonderful! :)

    Love the grass idea!

    Eh, we've got a project suburban that's supposed to upgrade the other suburban. Two years, so far, nada. ;)

    It's always better when the sun is shining. :)

  5. Thanks so much gals...I had so much fun making it's time to make the candy to go inside them!!!
    Rudoo...rat tail cording is another term for satin cording. It's often used in jewelry making. Here is a link to my favorite bead store so you can see it!
    Dale I'm glad to know we weren't the only ones who owned 'project' trucks that are more sculptures that vehicles! LOL

  6. the baskets are so lovely- very springy! The utensils turned out perfect- awesome job!! I think my hubby has a dremel- I'm thinking I need to find it and confiscate it for mini making!!

  7. Thanks Kim! I LOVE my dremel...I bought several additional 'bit' kits from If you head over there search for Burrs or Rotary Tool Accessories. I have a set of steel burrs with diamond dust, which are great for wood 'carving'!!!

  8. What great ideas, except for the dremel part, I'm scared of my dremel, it tried to eat my finger once, LOL (really, truly, it did!!! and I haven't used it since, LOL). Looks like you must have stayed off FB today, You did a lot of great stuff today. Hugs and smiles.

  9. I actually haven't really made anything TODAY, but yes I was off-line completely all day today...finally have my car back so I went shopping and then to lunch with my sister. I'll probably be off-line much of the week...lots to do. =D


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