Friday, April 16, 2010

Astronomy Night

We are lucky enough to have an observatory and Space Science Center nearby. They have started bringing their telescopes out to the elementary school the boys attend, for Astronomy Night. The middle son and I went last year and had a great time...we all went this year. And although the kids had more fun running around the field with their glowsticks and their friends...they each enjoyed seeing the stars and planets in the telescopes. We saw Mars, Venus and even Saturn...and even though it was about the size of a pencil eraser...the rings of Saturn were stunning!!! It really was one of those awe inspiring moments! We are very lucky in that, even though we live in a neighborhood and not out in the country our stars are ALWAYS visible! (unless the cloud cover is too heavy) But it really is neat to walk out into the driveway or the back yard and be able to look up and see a sky full of stars! I have decided that I am going to pick up a telescope to star-gaze! If you have an observatory nearby I highly recommend checking them out!


  1. I can imagine that really was AWE inspiring ... wow! That bottom pic almost looks like an underwater scene ;)

  2. isn't it just neat to think that these are images from SPACE!!! I'm very excited about getting us a telescope!


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