Saturday, April 10, 2010

Books 26 through 29

I may not have been doing much through out the last couple weeks but I HAVE been reading! LOL I have 4 more books to add to my tally.

These 1st set of 3 are part of the Mack Bolan series that my husband reads. (the link will take you to my first post about Mack, for a little backstory if you are interested.) Book 26 was called
Code of Honor Mack is called upon to infiltrate and eliminate a super covert team that has been taking out government employees. Book 27 is System Corruption After the son of a friend is murdered trying to uncover the truth about sub-standard body armor being sent to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mack is brought in to find and protect the one man who accidentally stumbled onto the evidence.
Book 28 is called Betrayed. Brokering peace can be a dangerous business. Dr Sharif Mahoud knows that only to well. His wife and daughters are in hiding, his son has been kidnapped and he is being chased by just about every war-monger in the Afghan region. Mack Bolan has been authorized to go into enemy territory to bring Mahoud and his family out alive.

Bolan books are definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you have ever found yourselve captivated by the History channel, you might find these intriguing as well.

Book 29 is about as far from the previous books as you can get. lol Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke was a wonderful story of the last remaining dragons in the world. When humans begin encroaching on their hidden valley, one brave (or fool-hardy...depending on who you ask!)dragon takes up the search for the fabled Rim of Heaven, the last remaining safe haven for dragon-kind. Setting off accompanied by his Brownie friend, they are soon joined by an orphan human. Around every corner lies magic, mystery and danger.

If you enjoy dragons and mystical creatures I am almost postive you will enjoy this book!

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