Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mmmmmm Smoothies at home!!!

I LOVE smoothies, but not the price for them. And honestly I despise dragging out the big blender to make A smoothie. Well I have found the solution...well solutions! The first is Yoplait's frozen fruit Smoothie kits They are ready to blend straight from the package. There are 3 Flavors, Strawberry Banana (SB), Strawberry Mango Pineapple(SMP) and Triple Berry (TB). I currently have the SMP and TB in my freezer. (Not a big fan of banana's so I didn't buy that one, although the kiddos LOVE it so I might have to pick some up!) I made the SMP last night after a wonderful 3 mile walk with some friends. The packs are supposed to make up 2 smoothies at around 110 calories each...they end up being about a cup of smoothie. You mix the frozen fruit (and yoplait yogurt bits) with skim milk and blend) I hadn't eaten much yesterday so I knew my calorie count would allow it, so I made the whole bag. And boy oh boy was it delicious!!! It had a wonderful tropical flavor. The fruit chunks are cut pretty small so I didn't have any frozen chunks left. Now I did nuke my first half bag of fruit for about 30 seconds to soften it some...I think that helped too. The rest of the bag I threw in frozen and it blended fine! BTW I found this blog with coupons for the smoothie mix too! (and yes the coupons are still good! =D )

Now the second half of this equation is the blender...I DESPISE pulling the big blender out to mix up a single batch of anything, it's a pain to clean and well it's bulky! About 4 years ago I found my solution through an early morning infomercial. (yes I know I can hear you all groaning right now!!! lol) I generally don't watch them, but the ones about cooking products always catch my attention! So any way I bought a Magic Bullet Blender I LOVED this thing...I used it 2 to 3 times every day!!! I got the whole set, including the juicer attachment, and the full size blender. it isn't cheap, it's about $100. (however they do payment options too!) (BTW NO I am not affiliated with the company just LOVE the product!) Anyways about 2 years ago I actually BURNED OUT the motor on the thing!!! I was very sad as like I said I used it all the time. We were in the process of moving so it kinda got packed away with every intention of ordering a new base. Yeah well 2 years later I still hadn't. (I did manage to call the company and discovered that a new base unit would cost me $30 before shipping. Not a bad price for something I loved and used all the time. Well this past weekend I was in Biglots and saw an off brand label, Bullet Blender...for $22, for the entire set!!!! needless to say I snapped it up quick. It works like a dream AND my other pieces fit this one perfectly too!

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  1. Cool about your find! :)

    My daughter just made smooties the other day, they were bananna, strawberry and yogurt. Quite yummy, but, I agree getting the blender out is a pain!


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