Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Moving Along...and looking for ideas

Well hubby emailed me today, they have arrived at their first stop on their way to their destination...although technically it's the 2nd stop after a refueling stop along the way. But anyways we are down to about 362 days until he comes home! =D (and NO I don't plan on counting down the days. lol) But I prefer to think on the terms of how many till he ocmes home rather than the how many has he been gone.

I started my workstation reorg on Tuesday, and got one rather large box sorted and almost all put away. I discovered that I need to come up with a good storing systen for fabric...I have yards and yards of some colors, but have decided to store the bulk of it in storage bins in the garage. I am going to keep about a 1/4 yard in the house for mini work. Any one have any suggestions?

I still have a ton of sorting and reorganizing to do, but it'll all get done eventually, although I am not moving at the pace I had hoped too. but I plan on doing some more here shortly. (MUST LOG OFF FACEBOOK!!!! LOL) Tomorrow it's another Dr's appointment, then off to Hobby Lobby to exchange my unopened Orchid for an Alison Jr. I realized that it would be much easier for me to just build Mom the bigger house rather than trying to bash a pair of Orchids together! And with my 40% coupon, and the refund for my Orchid the Alison should only cost me about $30!!! =D AND it will give me more than enough room for all the things I want to do. I mean it IS supposed to be her DREAM house so why not go big! =D

(BTW the picture is from out trip to Disney last year)


  1. I store my fabric the same way-in rubbermaid bins- so if you come up with something better I'd love to hear it. Best wishes on the reorganizing- so much work but you feel so much better when it's done :)

  2. Sheesh, you don't want to see my set up - it's neat but I don't have a lot of space so most of my sewing stuff is in storage boxes under my dinning room table, which serves as my crafting table and computor center.

  3. Kim I am working on a couple ideas right now...if they pan out I'll share!
    Ban, my stuff is so chaotic and crazy right now I'd be happy to just throw it all in boxes, but then I couldn't MAKE anything...which I sooooo want to a sorting I shall go, I'm hoping to get another big box sorted tonight after Astronomy Night at the school!


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