Sunday, April 18, 2010

A grand adventure

Alot of my crafty pals are expanding into BJD's (ball jointed dolls) I think they are amazing, but can not honestly justify the expense...(and with 3 boys I can't even try to pawn it off on a daughter. :-( lol) So I decided to go searching and see what I could find. Imagine my surprise to discover that Barbie has a line of jointed dolls!!! (What gets me is the 12 inch GI Joe/ Military figures have been fully articulated for years...what took Barbie so long???) Any ways the Barbie jointed line is called Fashion Fever Fashionista, with names likeCutie,Sassy, Wild, Glam, Artsy and Girlie. These dolls are just wonderful. And at around $10, I can totally justify buying one. (or 3!) I have seen a couple of male dolls in the store, but can't seem to find pics of them online...although I think my gal will be looking for a military man like me! (Just a silly little aside...back in the mid to late 80's {height of Barbie time for me!} my brother had some of the original 12 inch GI Joe used to annoy the snot out of him cause inevitably one of his Joes would always come up missing...My Barbie always picked Joe over Ken...maybe I knew even as a little girl that I was gonna end up with a military man! lol)

These dolls are made of the hard plastic all over, with joints at the shoulder, elbow, wrist and knees. Oh and her head moves too, but I'm pretty sure they all do that! LOL. The only body part than doesn't move is her ankles. I just bought her a huge pack of shoes on Ebay as I can't STAND the shoes she is currently wearing, I think they are ugly! She'll be getting some new clothes eventually too as hers are a tad more provacative than I would prefer. (It's raelly a good thing I don't have girls...'cause we'd have had issues over Barbies. Seriously is is really necessary for her clothes to be as short as they are making them!!!)

So my grand adventure is going to be branching out into 1:6th scale miniatures as well. I am hoping that these pieces will do better at local craft shows as my area seems to be devoid of any 1:12th scale collectors or miniaturists. (I have no intention of stopping doing 1:12th though!!!)

So keep an eye out for new things of all sorts coming from me! Oh BTW I also sent in my booth fee for my first craft show of the season...May 8th, the Saturday before Mother's Day...So I will be focusing on Mom quite a bit over the next couple weeks!


  1. Wow! I hope you do really well at your craft show! I love the ball jointed dolls too- but agree with you- so expensive! It might be ok if that was my only hobby- but too spendy if you have other hobbies too. I look forward to seeing what you do with your barbie though- how fun! I didn't know Barbie had a line that was ball jointed! Must resist bringing another addiction into my house.......

    Have a great week!!!

  2. Me too Kim, it'd be nice to make some fun money to do something really cool for the boys. I probably should have resisted bringing another addiction in as I spent like 8 HOURS online last night looking for an attractive (yet affordable) male 1:6th scale articualted figure. Oh if money were no object!!!! LOL There are some stunningly handsome male 'dolls' out there!
    Hope you have a good week too!

  3. Yeah, I saw them in Toys R Us and thought about getting one for my 2yr old as me and my 7 yr old have BJDs ... she's not much into dolls though. Doesn't surprise me, I hated dolls growing up ;)
    Too bad you can't add pics to comments - Delilah got her default wig in and I LOVE the way she looks. What I like most about BJDs, aside from one's ability to personalize them, is the ability to make money by making things for them ie: clay critters, dresses, shoes etc. I bought two dolls JUST with the money I made ...
    Glad you found a reasonable option though - 'cause now I'm gonna bug you for scaled goodies!!!

  4. Well update YOUR blog then silly!!! ;-) Or add her picks to your flickr!
    I am very excited about started to make playscale pieces...I think they will seel much better in my area. I LOVE the challenge on 1/12th, but some extra cash would be wonderful as there ARE some more $$$ figures that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have!
    Bug away hun...give me some ideas of things to start making!

  5. i want a puki puki bjd sooo bad but they are too expensive :(

    I've been wanting to get one of these fashionistas for her body so I can have a jointed blythe. I've seen some people do it with success and the fashionista is a lot cheaper than the other jointed bodies i've seen that you can buy for blythe.

    good luck with your customizing :D

  6. Melly - if you order through Denver Doll Emporium you can put the doll on layaway for up to four months I believe. (I'm such an enabler!)

  7. Ban has the cutest BJDs. Be sure to visit her blog. (and Ban you HAVE GOT to check out Melly's Blythe customizations!!!) Melly, I have seen people add the Fashionista bodies to the Blythes too, and they do look really neat, I'm betting you could make the switch pretty easily!

    Enable away Ban!!! =D lol


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